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hi I'm Charile
-INFJ personality
-Talk to me about films
-I like cats
-Horror addict
-Usually I'm pretty laid back
-Empircal_Echoes is my b***h
-Fogart is a true friend


Currently Reading: Ubik by Phillip k. d**k and Fall of Reach by Eric Nylund
Recently Finished: A lot of hp lovecraft and Franz Kafka stories

I'm the master of red in all of gaia
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I won another gaia avatar contest
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Useless facts about me
-I am naturally ambidextrous
-I have double jointed wrists
-I have vermiphobia (fear of insect larvae)
-I love cooking
-I collect Gemstones

Fandoms: Batman//DC, Hannibal, Pacific Rim, Mad Max, Breaking Bad, X-men first class, HBO's Oz, Team fortress 2, L4D2, Bioshock, Supernatural, Sherlock, American Horrror Story, Bates Motel, Archer, Rick & Morty, Dexter, Melrose Place, Marvel, Spawn, Detriot Become Human, Dead by Daylight, Cyberpunk 2077, Fallout, Hellraiser, Resident Evil


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Diary of a homicidal maniac

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Tigerolf Report | 11/06/2023 6:02 am
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Fogart Report | 10/23/2023 10:11 pm
You're welcome, and I did.. 3nodding
Fogart Report | 10/21/2023 5:10 pm
Great to hear from you! exclaim Hope you're enjoying your weekend! biggrin Take good care, and I'll be in touch.. 3nodding
Fogart Report | 10/19/2023 11:40 pm
Hey there! exclaim Good to see you.. 3nodding How's going? question
n o i r i s t Report | 09/14/2023 12:43 pm
n o i r i s t
Oh you changed again heart
Suddenly I feel like playing 3 all over again. There's nothing much I want to play after finishing Dying Light 2...
Yeah, I have a soft spot for the ghouls. Well, not the feral ones lol.
n o i r i s t Report | 09/10/2023 2:35 pm
n o i r i s t
My fave is Fallout 3 as that was my introduction to the games. smile "Hey. smoothskin!"
n o i r i s t Report | 09/10/2023 9:53 am
n o i r i s t
I saw a post of yours in the GCD. Had to come over and say I heart your Fallout avi!
Mollecules Report | 07/24/2023 8:04 pm
Thank you, Haunted VCR! I appreciate the sentiment... 🤗
If I don't end up in a psych ward again, it will be too soon...
How are you doing today? Inquiring minds must know...
Mollecules Report | 07/20/2023 4:33 am
Hello again! Awesome to hear from you! You're always welcome! 🙃
I s**t you not, it's been a few months since I've showered, and I'm seriously considering taking one now, even though it's not even daylight out!
It's still hella early... not even 5am yet... I've got some serious,
deep-seated psychological issues that have prevented me from showering for so long... 😒
Anyway, thank you for commenting! It's always a pleasure to hear from you! Take good care...
Mollecules Report | 07/20/2023 3:49 am
Miyooooooo....!!! >w<
S'up, my good buddy???


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