I'm not scared any more




There was once a little dream.
No one knows who had dreampt it.
It was really such a small dream.
This made the little dream think...
"I don't want to disappear.."
"How can I make people dream me?"
The little dream thought..
And at last had an idea.
"I will make people come to me, and they will make my world."
The first ALICE was a gallant red one
Weilding a sword in a hand in the wonderland
Slicing down everything in her way
She was followed by a bloody red path
This new ALICE deep in the woods
Was trapped as a wanted fugitive
If it weren't for the red path that she made
No one would think that she even excisted.

The second ALICE was a fragile blue one
He sang to the world in the wonderland
Filling regions with so many false created notes
That were of a crazy blue world.
This new ALICE was that of a rose
He was shot and killed by a mad man
It left a flower blooming sadly red
The one who was loved was now forgotten.

The third ALICE was a little green one
Very cute and dear in the wonderland
She charmed people to her every beck and call
She had made a strange green country
This new ALICE was the countrys queen
Taken over by a distorted dream
She was afraid of losing to death
She would forever rule her country.

During this, two children went into the woods
They had a tea party under rose tree's
An invitation from the castle for them was...
The Trump Card of Hearts.

the fourth ALICE was two siblings
Their curiousity in the wonderland
Going through many different doors
Coming not too long ago in a yellow boat
The stubborn big sister
The smart little brother
Though they were the closest to ALICE'S WONDERLAND
. . .
Though they were never woken from their deep dreaming
Forever they wondered in the wonderland.

Who will be the next Alice?

formerly known as xxmarked_soulxx
also known as toxic necessities.

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