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Name: Inês Country: Portugal Date of Birth:5-14-1994/ 14-5-1994
Don't wanna date or have sexy virtual time with you so don't hit on me, kthx
I'm very relaxed so you probably won't get under my skin.
I love Harry Potter's movies.
I think life is way to short for all I want to do.
You call me a fool, well I just think I’m a dreamer.
I have an opened mind so I believe in everything until it’s proven not to exist.
I prefer science over religion though I believe they're not opposites, they complete each other.
Smart people ask questions they don’t only give answers.
Knowledge is a good thing and you should be happy you have access to it.
I won’t say your truth is wrong just because it isn’t the same as mine.
I don’t love stuff just because it suddenly got cool to love it.
I think ignorance is a turn off.
I'm aware of the reality I just choose to ignore it.
I hope I don't die like this, miserable and old.
I’m honest and straight so I always say what I believe to be the truth and or you like it or you don't though that’s something I don’t really worry about.
I’m not judgmental and I accept everyone as long as they are being themselves.
I don’t have regrets because everything taught me something.
Don't like me? That's ok. Won't respect me? That's not. c:
I'm pretty easy to get along with so if you're bored or want to talk just pm me or comment.


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Hum what ever



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Report | 11/15/2012 9:17 am


Hello Ines, I saw your post asking options and suggestion for gaining weight. Happily for me, seeing you said want to to eat healthy food to gain weight. Instead of bad/junk food.

I have heard many cool people (Richie, Swayze Foster, Chris Randall, Josh Fossgreen, Mike Vlasaty etc.) talked and suggested about weight gain by eating more, it's very easy smile

some helpful video from them







Report | 10/28/2012 7:56 am


Will you hold your widow maker until my item sells please?

Report | 10/23/2012 4:23 pm


I put your name in bold because you called me a b***h in your status you can say it wasn't directed towards me but i honestly don't see why someone would put something in their status unless it was meant for someone to see, and just so happened that I did attack you the day before. Since you are a sore loser and you did what you did you deserve it since dying in a game upsets you so much, as for the trolling that's a whole different story.

Report | 10/23/2012 12:23 pm


i'm not sure what i did to you, but if you are showing out my thread links to the kuro forum so that they can come and troll on my Nini i'm going to block you, I thought i knew you to be a bit more mature than this. I mean seriously? I do something on my own accord to try and help my team and now i have all these peoples mules coming in and trying to be assholes to me all of a sudden after you make that thread.

Report | 10/20/2012 9:18 pm


Don't call me b***h, I don't complain when you attack and kill me while i'm offline dunno what's wrong with you since its only a game. Plus it's just as easy to get heals

Report | 10/20/2012 7:54 pm


Ah thats cool though

Report | 10/20/2012 4:36 pm


oh you already are in the top ten~

Report | 10/20/2012 4:32 pm


vamps is 8k heals. O.O

Report | 10/20/2012 4:24 pm


good luck, i'm not aiming for any of that s**t for my team we have so much numbers to beat have you seen top heals for both teams? burning_eyes

Report | 10/20/2012 4:11 pm


lmao yeah that happens to me sometimes especially when i'm watching television > 3>
And yeah I'm doing my best to try and stay healthy ; A ;


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Portuguesa do outro lado : D