WTF! Its meeeeeeee! :D

Ok. So. About me... There really isnt much to say so Im gunna steal an about mne question sheet from google... *googles*
Name: Raychel wink
Age: 13
Colours: Black, red, green aaaaannnnddd The RAAAAAAAAAINBOW heart
Music: BVB heart heart heart , Alesana, Three Days Grace, Dead poetic, Avril Lavigne, etc.
Holiday: Marti Gras and St. Patrick's Day! blaugh
number (?): 7!
Movie: Beastly stare Don't criticize me.
Actor: Alex Pettyfer (He's been my fav. for rive years!!! xd )
Place: An enchanted forest redface
Song: Mortician's Daughter(BVB), Sex and Hollywood(BVB), Perfect weapon(BVB), The Artist(Alesana), What the Hell (Avril Lavigne)
Hugs or kisses: Kisses!!!!!!!!!! redface
Pepsi or coke: DR. PEPPER!!!!! mrgreen
Lover or fighter: Lover, but I'll fight for what I love! 4laugh
Quote: the worst thing besides falling in love is falling out of love.
I miss the kisses that meant something.
I love you....see I can say it too and not mean it...
some day you'll cry for me like i cried for you.someday you'll miss me like i missed you.someday you'll need me like needed you. someday you'll love me but i won't love you!
I'm trying really hard not to cry over you because every tear is just another reminder of how I don't know how to let you go...
You asked...if i could go it all over again...have fun--be with him...and live life with no problems...but know my heart would be broken and i would be miserable...i would say yes...
Why do I let myself drown in the tears I've cried for you over and over again...when you won't rescue me???
LOVE... Just Another Form Of Suicide
Nothing is more painful than realizing he meant everything to you, yet you meant nothing to him.
a broken heart continues to beat..