im 18
i fish a lot
i hoard items
i like pink stuff



welcome to my store

this is where i auction off my sh*t

i accept items in my wishlist in return for items in my store

i accept other gold offers, shoot me a pm


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i fish a lot, catch me in Bass'ken



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Smyther Report | 04/06/2017 7:34 am
I like your Miyazaki profile.
Reiko Iwamaru Lutfi Report | 04/02/2017 6:39 pm
Reiko Iwamaru Lutfi
Boop~ Got the hair guide~

Hair and eye things for animal crossing~
Do iiiiiit biggrin
Reiko Iwamaru Lutfi Report | 02/23/2017 10:37 am
Reiko Iwamaru Lutfi
Yeah! Sure thing :3
Reiko Iwamaru Lutfi Report | 02/21/2017 9:06 pm
Reiko Iwamaru Lutfi
Good to hear!!

I'm doing okay. Love life dilemma and stuff but all is good 040
Reiko Iwamaru Lutfi Report | 02/20/2017 5:01 pm
Reiko Iwamaru Lutfi
Yo! I think I kept forgetting to send messages/comments and stuff cause I got busy/absentminded/forgetful a lot.

Just saw your topic in the walking dead forum and I remembered you!

How are you? Doing okay? emotion_hug
PaperShark Report | 06/27/2016 12:17 pm
I think, the shoe Goblin was collecting gray's too biggrin
PaperShark Report | 06/27/2016 12:16 pm
If you need my gold, then I would take them.
If you don't, then you could sell them to someone else or the mp.
You don't believe the struggles, but then FINALLY xD
emotion_kirakira emotion_bigheart
PaperShark Report | 06/27/2016 9:11 am
Hi Lemon.
Tell me, did you want to sell me your gray stripers, too?
I can't remember anymore who I asked XD
But if so, I need them right now. I am almost there!
Disheveled Shoe Goblin Report | 06/22/2016 6:27 am
Disheveled Shoe Goblin

miss you <3
Overated_Sanity Report | 06/15/2016 2:07 pm
thanks .///w.///.

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