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Hey Look It's Me!!!

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Gender: Female

Location: Uh... where? Curse my sense of direction.

Occupation: College student, childcare

Me Talking About Me. Deal With It.

Hai, it is Hasami-hime. It means Princess Scissors due to an inside joke with my friends about me using scissors as weapons, if you were curious.
First off, NO RANDOM FRIEND REQUESTS. I ONLY FRIEND PEOPLE I KNOW, preferably in real life.
Second off, who am I?
As a person I am a college student majoring in early childhood education and minoring in creative writing; I want to be a preschool teacher. I also write sci-fi and fantasy, and hope to get something published someday. I am completely addicted to fishkeeping and love my darlings. Currently I have two bettas, Prince Caspian and Jack, two goldfish named Orange Sherbet IV (or Sherby for short) and Nacho Ceasar, a pleco called Cinderella since it's her job to clean the tank, and an undead neon tetra named Largo. I am also a HUGE Lord of the Rings fangirl (movies and books, including other Middle-earth/Valinor/etc-based Tolkien works). How fangirlish? I am currently planning an Arwen costume to wear to The Hobbit midnight premiere at my local theater, which won't happen til December 2012. I also like drawing: I do my own comic, Scissors Fu!, and I love designing extensive wardrobes for my story characters, since I love designing fantasy/sci-fi clothes (and just pretty dresses). I am also working on a webcomic idea I hope to have up and running this fall.
As a Gaian I am here to make pretty avatars and keep up with irl friends. I also love lurking in Site Feedback (and sometimes posting) and watching it explode whenever Gaia does anything. It's good times. I have worked to earn everything you see on me with gold, even my Ancient Katana, with the exception of some generous donations. I DO NOT DONATE UNLESS I FEEL LIKE IT. And I am a stingy b***h, so I better damn feel like it. Don't beg. It's degrading.
Anyway, that's me in a nutshell. Feel free to post a spam comment on my profile; we all want gold. No chain letters or page stretching though please.

Random Chatter, Like Squirrels.

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mufftigg Report | 09/13/2011 2:50 pm
*fire poke*
mufftigg Report | 06/18/2011 10:07 am
Imma Kitteh!! mrgreen
mufftigg Report | 03/18/2011 11:26 am
hello, green archer.
mufftigg Report | 01/13/2011 1:01 pm

You are such a fangirl neutral
mufftigg Report | 10/15/2010 9:45 pm
I didn't do it on purpose.... honest.... sweatdrop
mufftigg Report | 10/15/2010 3:54 pm
Maybe we can work together on those sometime this weekend...

I know I have some of the same ones as you.

btw, did you know that it is possible to overload the self checkouts at the library? I apparently made one crash from trying to check out too many things. sweatdrop
mufftigg Report | 10/15/2010 9:18 am

Why the heck did they put so many elite type monsters in there? gonk
mufftigg Report | 10/14/2010 9:38 pm

I need to get back to Lotro. Darn them new games, always distracting me... >.<

watch you be so many levels ahead of me now. Still need to do the Great Barrows thing?
mufftigg Report | 10/14/2010 12:36 pm
i spy a hobbit. >.>
Yurro Report | 09/28/2010 12:51 pm
NO! I'm the dragon of the group. ME!!! *sues you with the wrath of a thousand suns*

My Fishies ^_^

Your aquarium is undergoing maintenance!


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I am happy to bump your glow thread.
Are you a villain? Check us out.
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My Fish

My precious darlings. <3

Jaws the betta, now deceased =(
User Image

Prince Caspian, the angry prettyboy
User Image

Jack, the pervert who lusts after marbles
User Image

Giselle, now deceased =(
User Image

Orange Sherbet IV, or Sherby for short
User Image

Largo the undead neon tetra, now really dead =(
User Image

Nacho Ceasar, also known as Macho Nacho or just Nacho
User Image

And now I have Cinderella, my pleco, and Nero, my black goldfish. I'll get pics of them up....eventually....

Current Quest

No idea what to quest now.... smaller items, shop ones perhaps?

Gradually working on this Arwen cosplay in time for the Hobbit movie (since I will also be cosplaying this irl):
User Image
I still need Grandiose Imports and Homeroom. But I have until December 2012 to get them. =) Maybe even later!

Dreamer's Dust
Silent Night
Kokeshi Fan
Elven Ears
Pingu Suit/Feet/Mask
Vice Admiral's Gold Sash
Holiday Cardinal
Powdy Pengy
Stone Gauntlet

Thank you all!!! I really do appreciate it so much.