Battleship Haruna

The rival and older brother to Kirishima and is the younger brother to Kongo and Hiei. The third son of the four brothers, one day older than Kirishima.

Even with a cute name like "Haruna"-chan, he's still an old man.

He looks a lot like Kirishima-san, but his eyes aren't blue like him so he feels slightly superior. He has a slightly foreign appearance however, for he was born during the Anglo-Japanese alliance and is Half-British, Half-Japanese.

Despite him saying he doesn't want to lose to Kirishima, even if it costs his life, he has sides where he cares about his little brother.

Also somewhat childish and clumsy.

He is frequently sent on the same missions as his eldest brother Kongo.

†28.07.1945 .... †1946

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If you guys are curious to how I look like, here's a sneak peek of me and my little brother Kirishima!! I am the cooler looking one of course.

I am the best Battleship out there! Number one!! But there's something kids these days should keep in mind. "They are human beings even if they are enemies. Fair fight without helping weakened enemies isn't possible. That is Bushido." Hat off to this guy.

About me:

Class and type: ...Kongō-class Battlecruiser
Displacement:..... 35,700 tons
Length: ................222 m
Speed: .................1915–1934: 26 knots
.............................1934–1945: 30 knots
Complement: .......1,360 people
Aircraft carried: ...3

Read more about me in my Journal! I also put up stuff about friends and family so be sure to look.

Kirishima aren't you jealous of me?! HAHA BEAT THIS.


Haruna-sama's Album Number 1!



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Just A Bit Witchy

I think I remember you! And it's no problem! I like giving prices that people can actually reach and get what they want!
If you ever see anything in my shop that you want, drop me a PM and we'll work out a trade so you can save some gold. 3nodding

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Thanks and it's alright smile

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I was just wondering if you were willing to trade some items for Kikila. I currently have only 1 bil in pure, but I have Grandpa Mustachio (22 bil) and I can add in Wood Sea for good measure (2 bil) heart Thanks! I understand if you don't want to though.
Btw the price before you was 24 bil smile
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L a p i l l u s

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((This is Englandos. Haven't seen you online in a while so I got worried. Hope you're alright! ;w; ))

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Thank you! Yours is handsome. wink

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( ur much more cuter ur cutest yes u//v//u <33 yes it does!! its nice to imagine the kirks geek over harry potter hhueh

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( inb4 gets all weird on senpai u//u <333 aaaaaaaa yes she has a twin brother and its the famous oxfordshire hue i love u wonderful individual

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(i still need to improve her |3 /hue i m acutlaaly talking to someone i admire omg im mnoticed hazukashii *dokidokisuru*


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