Harumizu Fuyuka

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Gender: Female

Birthday: 06/29


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darthnell Report | 04/06/2018 4:12 pm
cool avi.

A list of my future friends!!


Hello hello hello! cat_smile
My name is Harumizu! But you can call me Haru if you like.
I came to Gaia with my sister, Natsumi a long time ago. cat_4laugh
She's a shy wittle cutie pie! cat_whee

I want to be able to protect my sister and my friends and all of Gaia someday by becoming a true adventurer! cat_pirate

Not to mention, I'd eventually cross paths with the one and only Gino Gambino!!
The greatest adventurer of our time!! emotion_kirakira emotion_kirakira emotion_kirakira

He'd be all "Oh my gosh Haru! I didn't realize you were such a rockin', heroic, adventurin' fightin' babe!" cat_3nodding
And then I'd be like "Oh stop! I'm more than just that! I'm a rockin', heroic, adventurin', fightin' babe who loves CATS!" cat_cool
And then he'd say "Aw man! You're like, super witty and charming and cat-loving! I too love cats! Let's adopt a hundred of 'em and sail away in my air ship!" cat_wink
And then I'd gasp all offended and be all "What kind of adventurin' babe do you think I am?! I'm not just gonna hop onto your airship and fly off into the sunset with you when I've got a Gaia to protect!" cat_talk2hand
And he'll be shocked and awed and kinda into it, but he'd ultimately respect my decision, which would spark a series of uncanny meetings throughout our adventures that were very flirty and Doctor Who-like in nature and.... cat_surprised
Uh... cat_lol

So I wanna be an adventurer. cat_redface

~ Haru emotion_bigheart
Natsumi Fuyuka
Harumizu Fuyuka
Gino Gambino

My favorite person in the entire world!!!

(My Sister! <3)

Just your everyday Hero in Training is all!