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Greetings And Welcome To My Profile!

My username is a reflection of my interests. Haruka means "distance" and "spring fragrance," while "Rini" means "small bunny." I actually own a rabbit, and she's very cute. =3

I'm currently enrolled in college, and spend more than half my week both in class and at home studying. I'm planning to major in business.

I'm a fan of anime and manga, I love J-pop, and have a few favorite foreign bands, as well. I write a lot in my spare time, and absolutely love taking walks on sunny days. I like horror and suspense movies, studying other cultures and languages, reading decent romance novels, spending time with friends and family, getting work done around the house and yard, cleaning, singing when no one is around to hear it, the Zelda series, gardening, biking, and an array of other things.

Anyways, I'm a pretty easy-going person, so feel free to send a message or comment.

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~Haruka Rini~


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