I really love to roleplay, and I admit to being somewhere between semi- and literate. I have created numberous threads (although they usually never live to see the light of day *cries*) and I'm currently role-playing a Harry Potter thread.

As you can notice, I am an avid Harry and Hermione (Pumpkin Pie) shipper and I have changed many people over to the dark side (yay! I'm dark!), even though I still am getting yelled at for that. I don't care much at all what people say, but I will always think that they deserve each other.

Anyway, I am also a writer, and my internet account can be found at Fanfiction.net, my name orokid. Note: I doshare this file with my sister, since I'm more than lazy to get a new name and all. If you wish to read any of my anti-Ginny (sometimes, cause she's darn annoying to me), anti-Ron (once in a while, if i'm pissed about book six at the time), and pro-Pumpkin Pie click this --> http://www.fanfiction.net/u/496922/. Also, I do have a few others (few!) of Fruits Basket, Gundam Wing, various Final Fantasies, and other such animes and games.

And-- here-- is my mini-bio. And when I say "mini", I mean "mini".

Name: Too risky to give... Don't you know about psycho's on the internet!!
Age: Like I'm telling you...
Hobbies: Reading (both normal and manga books), writing, playing video games, watching anime, and other such things of the sort.
Live: California, in the southern part. How southern is what you should find out on your own...
Personality: Umm... I can be shy, but I try to be happy- for my sake and for others- considering my life is full of such s**t. If you ever find me complaining, you'd find it in my journal. I am kinda suicidal, but not really cause I'm afraid of death and all, so I can't really say if i am or not. And, if you didn't notice, I confuse myself.

Umm... thats it? I guess so. Anyway, see you guys later!


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Hi amy.... i wanna talk to you. Hope to see you on Monday.
Aya Shindaiga

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Aya Shindaiga

Hi sweety I'm glad you like your profile I made for you. *kisses* I love you.

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hey here is the fisrt comment from me, lol.
Haru-ge Shindaiga

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Haru-ge Shindaiga

Thank you! I like it too! ((Thanks Aya!!))

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I like the layout. ♥
Aya Shindaiga

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Aya Shindaiga

Hi Sweetie.*kisses*
Celi Santoyane

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Celi Santoyane

. B u b b l e G u m .

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. B u b b l e G u m .

Konnichiwa!! Sweetie I'm going to be your new best friend on gaia^^


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