Good day you good sirs and ladies
My name is XXX but you may call me Doc, Otto, Zen or Vlad
I is 21 and Graduated!
I'm 6'2 and a skinny S.O.B
I have Brown hair (but it is currently red)
I got Emerald green eyes (Though I think there more of a Jade green)
I am single b*tches
I'm Half Irish and Half Norwegian
I love Cosplaying,reading,writing, My flowers,Working on cars,Role-Playing,Playing paintball and jamming out.
My favorite Anime's are Hellsing,Fate Stay/Night,Dogs:Bullets & Carnage,Area 88,Bleach,Black Butler,Ah! My Goddess, Aria,Witchblade, All the Gundam Series, Black Cat, and many more...
I don't have friends, only my second family^^
My Favorite Music is Electronica followed by Metal and Ska
My favorite Movie is either Boondock Saints or Moulin Rouge^^
I worked in my Aunt Hair Salon for Two months
I like designing clothing, mainly gothic victorian style or Rave wear.
I'm kinda feminine,but it balances itself out with my masculine side.
I have a wicked short temper but I rarely stay mad for long.
And when I drink coffee I kinda spaz out...as you can tell :/
Oh well, leave a comment if ya want and Thanks for Dropping By!!
Later Pplz^^


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Cool avi
Call Me Nefret

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Call Me Nefret

How do I look, hubster?
Von de Ville

Report | 01/16/2016 7:26 am

Von de Ville

thanks for the purchase yum_puddi yum_puddi yum_puddi
Call Me Nefret

Report | 12/05/2015 10:04 pm

Call Me Nefret

La voila!
This avatar was inspired by the stuff you gave me.

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Thanks for buying~!
Kawaii Shellfish

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Kawaii Shellfish

User Image Thanks for buying!

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Thank you for the gift. emotion_yatta
Principessa Di Lusso

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Principessa Di Lusso

thank you for your purchase heart
Lithium Filth

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Lithium Filth

Hello darling <3

Its going to someone good. I've organized a giftbomb of my girlfriend, FOUR MONTHS we've been together. Which is still pretty good.

Thank you!
Call Me Nefret

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Call Me Nefret

          Long live the reckless and the brave
                                                      I don't think I wanna be saved
                                                                                              My song has not been sung

    Try seeing people around your college campus you don't know calling you by your name cuz they saw it on your nametag at the dining center.