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Attention to artists!
I love avi art with a fiery passion. I'll be glad to give you item lists and if you'll take a peek at the questing section on my other profile (click the plant avi), there are other avatars I like on there too.

I'm not rich, but I'll tip for avatars I love and give you kudos on my profiles. So what are you waiting for? Take a stab at it and let me see the results. ^^

Arts gifted zu mir!

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Weekly times that I definitely can't be on.

Saturday: During the day
Sunday: During the day

From now until May, I will be extremely busy offline. I will randomly pop on to check posts, but it may take me a little longer to actually reply to anything other than short OOC stuffs.
Thanks for your patience.

Mah explanation for this

Willkommen and bienvenue to my profile! If you want to learn a little about me, you’ve come to the right place. Just be warned: you’re not going to like everything. If that’s the case and you find me to be too much of a b***h, then move along! I really won’t care. To those that stay and listen, thanks so much and feel free to drop me a comment if I seem interesting enough to tickle your fancy.

This account is for super awesome friends and roleplay partners. Sorry, but I have turned off friend requests.
(If we've been roleplaying together for a little while and I haven't sent you a request yet, feel free to ask!)
(Waiting on a reply? Check my progress list here and see what's what.)

The name’s Hardly Halcyon, but you can call me Halcyon or just Hal instead. You’re welcome to add some Japanese honorifics onto the end too; I loooove me some Japanese.

SUPER WARNINGS: I call people 'dear' or 'darling' a lot because I'm southern. I assure you that I'm not flirting. I have someone beyond awesome that I love, so I'm not interested in anyone else. I'm mostly for the ladies anyway. Only one man has ever caught my serious attention.

I DON’T FLIRT. I tease for fun, but I'm not interested in anyone else. Seriously, I don't look at anyone else that way beyond noticing attraction. Not that kind of b***h.

I'm legal to smoke, but not to drink alcohol. Your guess as to where I am in between.

I curse. Like, a really lot sometimes.

My music tastes vary majorly. Some days, my favorite artist is Three Days Grace, the next day is Deadmau5 or Regina Spektor, and other days still might bring Blue Stahli, MUCC, or Nine Inch Nails in favor. Call it multi-cultural, call it varied, I'm going with indecisive.

This account was started to be an haven for my roleplaying fun, but after a little while, I got more addicted to hanging on this account instead and switched. I do have my previous main (click the plant avi to the right) but I don’t check Otaku_Girl_165 often anymore, I’ll admit.

If you’re looking to RP with me, this is my roleplay search thread (one on one RPs only, please), but I’m bitchypicky about what I’ll play lately and I'm exclusively in love with slash (mxm or fxf) roleplays. Take a peek if you wish.

Interested in more? Well, you won’t be getting it here! Check out my main (again, click the freaking plant) and my profile has a lot more personal stuff on there. Leave me a comment if you’re intrigued and I will gladly babble, ramble, and squeal over the hotness of pretty guys (and girls) with you.

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