92% of teens have moved onto rap music. If you are part of the 8% that rocks out every day, put this on your profile.

[name] -> Casie
[favorite number] -> 27
[music] -> = life
[hair] -> never stays the same color
[rap, hip hop, pop] -> no
[mood] -> Quizilla says i'm bipolar
[sports] -> running
[dusty] -> my all black cat who may or may not be plotting to take over the world
[lucy] -> my orange and white cat who doesn't catch mice even when they're sitting on her paws (literally)
[roxy] -> my immortal gold fish
[mean people] -> suck
[black] -> is too a color
[sales] -> are love
[impossible] -> is trying to slam a revolving door
[my friends] -> rock my sox off all the way to canada
[pepsie] -> is for sissies
[favorite color] -> all of them

song= My way home is through you
thoughts of shool= make it stop
mood= all of them
book= flawless

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Estimated Total: 405,751 Gold, 3,500 Tickets
(Estimated with known item values on 11 December 2006)

Equipped Items

>_< Glasses
Price: 3,500 Tickets

Baby Seal Slippers
Estimated Price: 379,999 Gold

Chain Of Command
Estimated Price: 14,950 Gold

Classic Partition Top
Price: 700 Gold --- bought

Neutral Baggy Starter Pants
Price: 2 Gold --- bought


Estimated Price: 10,100 Gold --- bought

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Tara : Hey, does anyone have a birth control pill? I'm about to be raped here...

My alternative to the milk shake song:
My whipped iced dairy drink brings the attentions of many males to my place of residence and/or employment, and they declare that its quality far surpasses that of yours. Absolutely, it far surpasses yours. I could convey to you the proverbial recipe, but I would have to demand compensation


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my journal

its me journal.


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Report | 11/03/2007 11:49 am


Hi, what's up?
- - the f i n i s h LINE

Report | 08/07/2007 6:12 pm

- - the f i n i s h LINE

Hey Casidoodle, how are you? I haven't talked to you in forever.
Chaotic Lemur

Report | 07/22/2007 5:25 pm

Chaotic Lemur

Howdy Buddy.

Report | 07/13/2007 5:20 pm



Report | 07/11/2007 12:43 pm


Hey Hardcore,Hows it goin? It been awhile since ive seen you online.
- - the f i n i s h LINE

Report | 07/09/2007 12:06 pm

- - the f i n i s h LINE

Hey casie girl, how's your summer going? Mine is more packed then a chicago-style hot dog!

Report | 07/03/2007 8:29 am


Matt : I actually don't know a lot about this Peter Pan thing.

Cooper : Well, I'm moving on those two days so I don't know if I'll be able to make it. I know I can't come Sunday but I'm still working on Saturday.
Chaotic Lemur

Report | 07/02/2007 3:34 pm

Chaotic Lemur

--HEYA! It's FreakingMacaroon's Birthday, and he would just LOVE a Cloud or two!--

Report | 06/27/2007 8:50 pm



Report | 06/26/2007 5:28 pm


hey KC just checking in to see if you knew anything new a/b whether you can go to the play ttyl *peace*


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"Popsicles are the new black."