So yeaa. Im asian x3. haha. I like hanging with my friends a lot, cuz now its summer =p um.. but sometimez we dunno where to go.. so uh.. kan yew give any suggestionz? Thanks xP

home xD

[pSssstt heyy look its ma bag ;D]

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Hey peoplez its alison here. Um I'm like an azn gurl whoz gonna be an 8th grader next year =p Ima hate it already sorry if im not bein op{tim}istic. <,< XDD!! Um soz i have a picture of my backpack its weird, i cant upload pics from my cell fone so i'll try later. OVA THIS. im gonna leave gaia soon on try going on my space more often SORREEH ^_~! Well its like it gets boring here. And wun of my friends is GROUNDED!! Screw.. Uhh Im like freakin poor right now, mind if u donate to me some gold that would be a big thumbz up furr u haha ^o^ Hang out with me sometimez i live in da bay areaa muah* and if yew bored
go and call me u know sometime
around summer. Ok? PCE <3


Boba iz guwd ^___^

Luwk its bestie Gangstalishious >.<
Shez sumtimez to hyper and shez part
of 0ur azn flavor group. Plus Gaby xD.
So nothin to say bout her, except she
kewl. And we started our group since
last year when we were 7th graders >w<
Me Her & Gaby =]