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The name is sianna biggrin born on the day of the jack-o-lantern. you know everytime someone finds out my birthdays on the pumpkin day, they're like "DEVIL-CHILD!" well im not psycho enough to be the devils child. but im pretty creepy O w O <-- see? this face just says it all. i like random stuffS. SEND ME A RANDOM MESSAGE I DARE YOU biggrin ill just send an off topic one back xD I like stuffed animals. before my stuff was taken away did you notice i had a whole mess of pandas and stuffed plushies?! im a sucker for cute things -.- biggrin i just love them! biggrin

I like to draw, im not very good at compy art but i do it more than pencil art.
i still need to improve, but i just cant seem to change the way i draw. it might be because im waayyy to stubborn to take criticism and follow what i do wrong -.-
geez, one day itll get better > smile

if you want to know more just ask biggrin


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Gender: Female

Birthday: 10/31/1994


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Damn Hippies

Hello! im saeliya <3

TIS MEH NEW BUDDEH~~~ of awesomeness xD