Hello, and welcome!

Things about me!:

Name- Jordan
Nickname's: Jordie Magortie, ShortCakes (SC) and mores
Birthday- July 1
State- Texas.
Grade- 11th grade, High School
Family- I live with my Mom, I have an older sister and brother.
Friends- I love them to death
Personality- Random...very random. I can be happy one moment and then be sad the next. Its crazy Dude!!!!!
Hobbys- I really don't have one....

Like/Loves- I LOVE my dogs!!!!<33 I like reading, writing, hanging with friends, listening to music, watching anime, cats, tattoos, Piano, basically most of the stuff teengers like, Vampires, dark creepy stuff, Blood.

Hates-.warm weather, stuck up people, the dark, being alone for a long periods of time, being still and quite, school and homework and many more things.

I don't like socialy labeling people, but I'm often refered as either 'Goth' or 'Emo'. Seeing that I'm NOTHING like the personilty that most people find these people have, all I have to say is SCREW OFF!!!

Music- I listen to everything.But mostly it is either Rock, Dance/Techno.

I also can't spell worth a crap, so whatever. I get it enough from my english teacher and my mother and don't need it on Gaia.
Atleaset I try.

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Happy Birthday to you soon! ^^ heart

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Oh my, it's been almost a year since we last met~ heart I wonder how you're doing now?
Emotionless Abyss

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Emotionless Abyss


Sorry I missed your birthday.

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happy birthday biggrin
Shadou Soujirou

Report | 06/18/2009 12:02 am

Shadou Soujirou

wow..tyvm for picking my reply is the best of ur choices in the verizon bottle. happy early birthday too. biggrin

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How's my bed partner doing?


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Hey there surprised
Emotionless Abyss

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