The female version of America does not have glasses or a "Nantucket" hair. She often dresses in short skirts or shorts and wears crop tops, exposing her midriff. In her initial design, she also wore a cowboy hat and boots and had an American flag patch on her top (though some fanartists mistook it for a tattoo on her chest). Her later design depicts her in a bomber jacket like the male America, though she seems to be fond of hot dogs instead of hamburgers. Her weapon of choice appears to be a baseball bat. She has gray-blue eyes and wavy, golden brown hair that comes to her shoulders. The name used to refer to her in the Japanese fandom is Emily Jones. English-speaking fans however, will opt to use Amelia, Abigail/Abby, Avery, Allison/Ally and/or in rarer cases, Alexis and Liberty.