mmmmkyy hmm so? ^^ she's netty. she's very open minded most of the time; very unpredictable. her mind is always constanly changing. she's really awesum, and hope you think so too c(: oh yeah, she has this amazing boyfriend <33 [090108] its been a year (: & he's super awsome!!
netty likes: making new friends, faces, crayons, waffles&pancakes, bubble tea, slapping some sense into ppl who needs it, the smell of clean laundry, shampoo&conditioner, sharpies, icons, taking new pictures, texting, giving advice that are taken seriously, running in the rain, post-it notes, high-lighters, traveling, key chains, penguins&pandas&monkeys, hello kitty, iced-frappachino, aeropostale&hollister, flip flops, reading, laughing.
netty dislikes: isolators, smelly laundry, people throwing away change, cigarette smell, hard ear-phones, air planes, crying, depression, falling down, denialing the truth, garlic, cereal without milk, sneezing, being stuck in a house, hospitals, shots, bitter hot coffee from starbucks, ): writing, without her phone

woah, yeah she's a nerd (: yoooo