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From Darkness to Light

A psychotic being, one a creature of evil malice and dark decent. Shrouded in dark armor around his arms, and covered in the black shroud of Death's Whisper. His eyes a blood glowing red would pierce into your soul, and he would carry around a muramasa, pure evil and darkness. Through his destructive path, his red hair blowing in the wind and his ears twitching to any sound nearby, he came upon a sword... Or rather a claymore. The Claymore, blessed by a holy flame, shined bright. Choosing the darkness controlled being as it's own vessel, the light of the sword vanquished the darkness. Fremere blessing the man, turning him back into his once form, silver hair, his eyes burned with a crimson orange, though his expression dull. The Claymore carried around with him, he wearing armor made of silver mythril. Everywhere he went a light seemed to shine brightly from him, the winged armor plating on his arm able to vanquish any demon, the cross on his armor giving him holy powers. This is the tale of how the Psychotic Crow became a Holy one.

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