Let's keep this simple, just for the sake of simplicity alone.

Name: Hanna / Hannasaurus
Age: 17 && then some
Location: United States (for now)

Languages: American English, German, Pig Latin
Favorite Band: Florence and the Machine
Current Obsession: Toaster Strudel

- Doctor Who (since 2006)
- Toasters
- AP Courses
- Travelling Internationally
- Pen Pals
- Punnet Squares
- Cupcakes

- Organic Chemistry
- Dubstep
- Changing Diapers
- Jersey Shore
- Spending Money

Friends: Yes.


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Writing stuff. Yup.

My layouts for RPs, random ramblings, one-shots, and messing around BBCode. If something's private, it probably means it's just a note to myself.



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Report | 01/14/2015 12:23 pm


Eight days off the mark this year, haha~ I'm still playing the otaku shut-in gambit even at 24, hohoho!~ -slumps over- At least I know a lot more in the realms of philosophy, psychology, quantum physics, and a bunch of other areas. Still putting off college-- can you believe it! Yes, I have always been very unambitious and such. And lazy. And indecisive. And etc. etc.~ I'll prolly take some courses this year, just get em outta the way, at least. Did you get that dream career? Did you find a sexy, kind person who loves you? I hope so. ^ -^, I hope everyday for you has at least one thing worth remembering in it!
-So onto me, if you're interested! After being in California for a little while, I got shipped out to the Middle of Nowhere, MO. Been here for about three years. The first year, I did nothing, but mooch off my aunt and uncle who I got to meet and stay with. Then I got a job as a grocery store cashier, a very prestigious position at Country Mart, I might add. It was very labor intensive and required vigorous mental fortitude as well. Did that for a while, and then quit and moved out into a nice cozy shoebox apartment with my brother. He's in a trade school for LPN, and we both work as CNA's at a nursing home. It will be my 2 year mark working there in May. I have been putting off school... I took the ACT and got a 28, to the great pleasure of the school. That was a year ago when I got accepted into MSU, but I chickened out, and my FAFSA was all wonky so I had to wait a year before it would go through without a parent's help. But I put it off indefinitely. Still trying to work stuff out, and blah blah, yadda yadda. Same old excuses, I know~ Hmm, what else, oh! Still single, yeah. -shrugs- Girls are *obviously* too intimidated by me. -scoffs- That and apart from work, I stay at home. I do go out! Like, grocery shopping once a week, or every other... Oh well...
Anyways, I don't wanna make this too huge for you to read, no matter how unlikely it is you'll ever even see this, haha. I'mma drop by next year, or something. I'll leave an email in your PM, in case you wanna catch up and talk or something.. I love you~ Bye~!

Report | 01/06/2014 6:38 pm


So that's really interesting, lol. I get a bug in my butt to log into Gaia after yet another year or so Hiatus, and it happens to be your birthday, which I humbly forgot! Very strange. -ahem-
Well, Happy Birthday, dear Hanna! > w<, Wishing you all the love you deserve~ <3

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Report | 01/29/2013 7:05 pm



My attempt to revive the Gypsy RP was successful :U

Report | 12/09/2012 6:52 pm


Don't know if you're still subscribed to it but I just attempted to revive that awesome Gypsy RP we were in...also I finally replied as the epic creeper known as Sojiro.

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-nod nod- Right?
I can see a few interesting scenarios: We develop new technology that would now seem impossible.
We learn new laws about the universe and/or revise old ones. (Especially gravity; how does that even work?)


~ w~,
Hanna witnessed something horrible! Her innocence has been subjugated! 'Tis blasphemy!

Report | 02/02/2012 7:00 pm


Was was.

Report | 02/02/2012 6:59 pm


I may have gotten a little smarter myself, hoho~
The only thing I really improved was was my lexicon, hahaha!
-cough- Well, if you're able to graduate early, go for it!
Any interesting news?
I've recently been attempting to find knowledge, myself. Maybe not in the more conventional areas, but heck, what is there you can really know, right?
Another interesting thing I recently realized is just how immense space is.

Report | 02/01/2012 11:04 am


I have now come to realize that life is more subtly intricate than previously assumed.
I'm just trying to sound intelligent since I'm sure you're most likely a genius at this moment. > w<,,

Report | 01/31/2012 11:18 pm


I've come from a vast distance of unimaginable breadth~


I'm craving artz! 4/50