Guys ! I'm sorry, I'm not using this account anymore. So please add my new account - Angelica Orange ^_^ Thank u

SORRY GUYS ! ITS NOT ANGELICA ORANGE!!! =P it is..but not using XD add this - Winter Angelica

Hello! Nice to meet you. My name is Hannah Montannah. (P/S ~ I'm seriously not Hannah Montana as if Miley Cyrus. Dont be mistaken and talk bad things bout' me.) I live in Malaysia....=O I have a big sis and a small sis. Lets see... I have a friend in Gaia (real life) Her name is Anna. She's the closest fren I have in Gaia. You guys wanna add her? Her character is Aquaria Beauty, Deamy Mystic but she doesn't use tht account now. Her current char now is DreamyMystic. Add her...Before that add me...=.=...Before u add me kick her. =D

I love anime's and also manga. My favourite anime is Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, Lucky Stars, Minami-ke and some others. I am quite friendly...and bossy....and smart...and dumb...and...I dunno wht else... I am a librarian at my school. I loves to read books. My aim for this year is to get all A's. And then be in a good class. And get lots of trophee's and medal...and the last thing i wish is about in gaia... I wish tht all of you can donate me goldssss....(at least 1k or 500g)

I cant wait for the exam... ...(I can wait for the exam!!!) I am sometimes nervous ... I encourage u all to read your books 1 to 2 weeks earlier before the exam day. This year I was 55% happy and 45% sad. Happy because I have my best friend sitting beside me....nope not Anna if tht was your guess. I am sad because someone is trying to take my best friend away from me. Besides tht my 2nd best friend is in the 2nd class...still eventhough Anna is in the 2nd class...she's still not the 2nd best friend I want to mention about. (To Anna...u're not mad arent u?...Dont worry ...you're a number in my best friend list =D...smooth feeling dude.)

Okay I think I have mention lots about me. I have some notes for you guys which read this lots of paragraph :
~ Dont forget to comment on my profile.
~ Donate to me so that I can finish up my dream avi. (If you wanna donate something...at least golds...or if u wanna give me items...then....give something related to my first dream avi or others is ok...)
~ My birthday is on 4th of November...just for fun telling.
~ ....(RESERVED)
~ Down here is my dream avi's...

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How I have been cool in gaia and being a celebrity


How I have been cool in Gaia..Lets see I think Gaia is the most cool multiplayer game in my life its like cool.I can make many friendziez and can chat with them any time I want.Futhermore its much more easier and faster not like Habbo Hotel.Habbo Hot



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T.TI'm collecting money..

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LOL!Just bumping in...How r u?Lets do a role play together!

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SO cool .


very beautiful .

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Why is your name Hannah Montana 1997? the year seems a bit random User Image

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HM blows. Dont FR me.
Destined Savior

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Destined Savior

I love the profile. ^^ I'm not crazy about the color pink but I do love it!
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another silence

Just dropping by...


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O.o i didnt tell u my b-day was on 8-oct User Image

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Hey, what's up? PM me soon, we haven't talked for a while! Check out my profile soon, and I love yours!!


You need a Dream Avi ? Visit my thread and fill up the form of what you want and thats it !