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        Hey there, i'm mel and im 19, pan, and single and ready to mingle. wink

        I really like spaceeeee.

        I have a very unhealthy obsession with South Park and Persona 3, i draw sometimes, and i work full time. I have a thing for pretty sunsets and sky formations in general. Space genuinely interests me right now. Who knows if its a phase or not lmao. My hobbies include being on gaia, binge watching youtube videos, watching s**t on hulu, and reading fanfictions that may or may not ruin your childhood.

        feel free to hit me up, i'm down for new friends and junk.

        I'm literally only full of south park trivia.

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To Kai part 2:

After thinking about it, your apology is bullshit to a full extent. I not only take back my apology but also refuse to accept your half-baked one.
Instead of making it a sincere apology because you genuinely felt bad, you ended up making it about yourself and how "i'm just a teen who made a mistake :((("----"u dont kno my story so don't blame me and dont message me ever again D'x"
To be honest, yeah i do miss what we had. But while remembering the good, I also started realizing that, well, you've always treated me like s**t and you've done a lot of lying to me in the past. My decision is that, I can't be friends with you ever again. I refuse. My decision to cut our friendship seems to have been the right one. But, what did I tell you? Our friendship wasn't going to be forever.
I'll always miss the good but, i'll always regret not seeing what you were doing to me sooner. And I'll never forgive you for that.

Goodbye kai.
To Kai:
Regardless if you see this or not, I find it very important that I say something on my profile in response to you.
I don't think I should accept the apology you have bestowed on your profile as I feel as though it was only made because a friend messaged you against my wishes about a month ago (plus I feel true apologies should be sent directly to the person but that's just me I guess.). But I'll take what I can in this regards and somewhat accept it.
But, I'd like you to know the following:
Other than the one time I asked Shawn to send you my final message, I never asked anybody to send you anything. Thus, these other messages were uncalled for and against my own wishes.
To be honest I still had hope of making up and becoming friends with you again even if in the future. But, not only did your sister come after me, her friend tried to blackmail me with said code. Both being nearly 10 years my senior. Don't forget I'm also still a teen going through my own s**t and it was very uncalled for as well a scary situation for me. Add in the fact that the code was not only given to your sister, but her friend as well. I believe that was a moment that made me the most upset.
I do feel that if you were sincerely sorry for the actions at hand you would try to contact me and apologize. Plus, you would discontinue the use of any code I wrote on all profiles. But, Hey, what can you do? :)

I do formally apologize for the actions of the people around me. I apologize for jumping to conclusions for certain things after the fight took place. I apologize for throwing all the issues I had with you all at once during the fight and not telling you sooner. And, I do apologize for all the bitterness and shade I threw.
I will not, on the other hand, apologize for being mad about anything.

I will ask one thing out of you, please don't assume I got over this like it was nothing. Which you have pretty much implied on your profile. This was one of the worst friendship falling outs I've ever had; it's something that will take me time to recover from.

If you ever choose to contact me I will consider rekindling a friendship with you. There are definitely things about our friendship I miss.

Otherwise, in the end, I hope you have a wonderful life and wish you nothing but the best.

PS: Have a wonderful season 21.