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"I've been described as the "brains" of my family. I suppose that's because I'm fairly studious and industrious. I've become a reasonable "Mr. Fix-It." I can repair just about anything, and I'm also fortunate to have a knack for inventing gadgets and machines. Of the four TMNT, I suppose that I'm the most reserved. I tend to be a little too preoccupied with my own thoughts, but I think that I'm still very attentive to my family and friends' needs. It's hard not to get lost in thought, though! I'm working on it. There's just so much to do, it's sometimes hard to make time for everything.

I'd rather talk things out than fight, making me an unlikely combination of a Ninja warrior/pacifist. Unfortunately, in our lives, it's rare when talking things out is an option.

I long for the days when I can work in peace on my inventions and explore genetics and mutation in depth, minus all of the violent distractions provided by our various enemies. Some day I'll have the time that I need.

If you'll excuse me, I've got to get back to my laboratory. Take care!"

((RP Abilities for Haffa's and CH))

Incorporeal Form: At will Donatello can take a solid form or a "Intangible" ghostly form. Within this ghostly form he is unable to interact with physical objects, but is able to pass through walls, fly and possess weak minded beings.

Poisonous tears: Donatello, within his solid form, constantly sheds black tears from his eye sockets. It is a lethal poison to ingest, as well as merely having skin contact burns like acid. Those who survive the poison if ingested are still mentally scarred from the second effect: The combined feelings of sadness and misery that Donatello had within his lifetime flood within the poison victims mind, even to those who normally don't feel such emotions are stricken by the effects

Wraith's touch: Donatello's touch within a ghostly form is a draining experience, the black ghostly form draining strength and energy from it's touch, almost as if a year of it's lifespan has been stolen. If one his held long enough they very well could die, and raise again as a shadowy ghost like creature under Donatello's command.


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Alex_Tang_Shen_Jones Report | 10/23/2013 9:16 am
I love your avi!
Lovely Noi Report | 09/07/2013 5:14 pm
The 80s Shredder Report | 11/29/2011 7:29 pm
Hey! How did you get in here.... *Makes a mental note to check up on the Technodrome's security system*
Phrygis Report | 09/21/2011 6:01 am
It just didn't work very well. Green + Brown = Blech. xd

I tried black once and I guess my hair's already too dark. It didn't show up at all. sweatdrop
Phrygis Report | 09/20/2011 7:43 pm
I wanna dye my hair but my mom won't let me. I tried green once. It didn't work very well. xd
Phrygis Report | 09/20/2011 6:14 pm
One of my best friends dyed his hair purple once. It turned pink. xd
Phrygis Report | 09/20/2011 5:58 pm
It's a lovely color. 3nodding
Phrygis Report | 09/20/2011 5:38 pm
I thought you might. xd

I love purple. :3
Phrygis Report | 09/20/2011 5:17 pm
Hello. I quite like your profile.
Angel Cooties Report | 08/22/2011 12:47 pm
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