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Gender: Male

Location: In my mansion, keeping the Lamia from humping the trees again!!

Birthday: 11/22

Occupation: Wandering the worlds, reading and making friends.


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Good Evening, my name is Halo. Pleasure to meet you all. *Bows to the people, smiling as he rises back up* I guess you wish to know more about me. Well then, let us get started. I am a Nephlim, a mix between Demon and Angel.....though I am a special breed. My father is a nightmarish demon...A Dimensional Demon. One that has lived over Billions, among Billions of years, violating, and enslaving females and males to create his own, personal harem. My mother is an Arch Seraphim, and has also lived over Billions of years. One day, my father came to her.....and raped her. After he was done, he left without a trace, and my mother gave birth to me, and my twelve sisters. We are also special....in the fact that our bloodline is vast, filled with the blood of every monster. Yeah....my family got around a lot, but other than that, my mother loves us very much, and is glad she had us.

So anyway, I am a kind and gentle person, with a dark, lusty side to myself, who loves to meet new people, no matter how pervy, slutty, or flirty they are. I've dealt with worse, literally. I live in a mansion I created in a massive, empty plain, and I now use it as a Monster Girl sanctuary. Why did I do this? Simple, to protect these amazing creatures from being hunted. I'm great at cooking, and I'm a magic expert, I also enjoy a good read on a rainy day. Those in need of a friend can always come find me for a talk. Now, about my powers.....lets just say I have a lot.....Like a whole lot. I'm also a Keyblade wielder, though I'm not sure why it picked me, but I don't mind, It's an amazing weapon, with such grace and power. that I'm glad to be chosen.

I am also a traveler, and I love moving around between worlds and such, though it always ends in some.....unexpected events. *He blushes a deep red, fixing his glasses* Sooo yes. Sex, Lust, blah blah blah! I'm very into the naughty stuff, and I won't hide it!! I'm over 400 million years old! Why hide my sexual exploits! If you care to learn more, ask me. Oh, almost forgot, behind my mansion is a massive garden over 2,500 acres! There are many different terrains to it, since the monster girls live there as well, helping to grow the fruits, vegetables, and plants. Just watch out for the girls......They are very...VERY......Frisky....*He rubs his very massive a**, blushing a ruby red* A-Also, do not mind my very large....posterior. It's a side effect of my Demon and Angel blood mixing....So yes! That is all for now.


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the life of halo.

my life and all that is known about me.


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I-Niko-I Report | 07/11/2015 12:14 pm
*Pets owl* Yeah. But I have great memories of our adventures ^^ They started a loooong time ago. You are one of my oldest friends on here ninja
I-Niko-I Report | 07/04/2015 12:55 pm
Yeah, it has been a long time. I've been good. But i've missed this place. Once in a while I come back, even though almost everyone is gone *looks down* But i'm happy to see, that you're still here *looks up at him and smiles* How have you been? *wants to pet the owl, but is afraid it will bite* ^^;
I-Niko-I Report | 06/27/2015 1:50 pm
Hi Halo ^^ Long time no see *waves*
Shiraijin Report | 10/21/2014 1:54 pm
I'm okais i guess, been working alot for the university, how about you? ^^ hehe -huggles tight-
Shiraijin Report | 09/15/2014 2:03 pm
-she jumps to his arms and smiles with a small blush upon her cheek- Hewoss hallo, how you've been? I've missed you too silly ... >w<
Shiraijin Report | 05/01/2014 4:30 am
I'm not leaving don't worry halo ^^ -huggles- oh? surprised i hope you're alright...
Shiraijin Report | 04/30/2014 2:30 am
HALO! -glomps hard- kya! Ofc i didn't forget about you! How could i? Silly! Where you've been?! how r ya?! biggrin -snuggu-
Shiraijin Report | 01/25/2014 1:52 pm
-she smiles warmly and then bows gently- thank you halo ^^
ToriRyuzaki Report | 08/10/2013 2:48 pm
Great! What brought you to Florida?
ToriRyuzaki Report | 08/09/2013 6:43 am
Oh really? What happened?


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