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Lil 'Ol Me c:


Gender: Female

Birthday: 02/20

Occupation: College Student

gaia_nitemareleft SALUTATIONS! gaia_nitemareright

gaia_nitemareleft Just a bazaar college student who has nothing else to do. I'll talk your head off if you're a good conversationalist, but one word, simple phrase correspondence gets you ignored. (Like, completely. .-.) If you're going to message me, don't be boring. I tend to speak my mind a lot, so be prepared if my side of the conversation happens to run a little askew.
I'm a college student, currently unemployed, from a small town in the Lone Star. I'm taking up an Associate's of Science in Health Administration, starting January 3, 2016. I'm pretty sociable, but only when I prefer to be. I am happily taken and currently pregnant with my first child. I'm brown skinned, natural with deep brown eyes, 5'5' , I love music will a passion (Not trash. Actual music.), my favorite sport is volleyball (might try out someday), I play the flute. (Haven't for a while. Need my instrument back, yo... :< wink
I'm very welcoming to diversity. However, I do have views. I believe wholeheartedly in God, but I do not criticize others for their personal beliefs. I will not "shove it down your throat" rolleyes or give you a sermon, just do not question my faith, and I will not question your character. You can head over to my store to see what I have for you if I'm currently vending. Other than all this, thank you for visiting my profile and taking the time to read this entire essay (or, part(s) of it. 'u'). gaia_nitemareright

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Me n my lil sis. c:

Lil ol me. c: