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Birthday: 04/19


I'm back bitches.
But not really. I just remembered this gaia thing a couple days ago.
I'm a senior in high school now. Umm ya I used to think this was the s**t haha ok well I doubt any of my old friends from here will ever be on again so I'll just slither away now
If for some crazy twist of fate happens and anyone comes back on and they wish to contact me, email me simplyh4ley@gmail.com smile

Hey brah.
So I got a letter today from
my 5th grade year, (Im now a
freshman ♥) and it was from myself,
and I told myself to get on gaia
because it was the bomb or whatever.
Well truth be told, this crap hasnt
changed one bit. Hahahaha losers.
(; Anowho, follow me on
Twitter: puckthechucks
YouTube: puckthechucks
Instagram: puckthechucks
Can you tell I like puckin' my chucks?
Anyway, text me: (516) 730-5610

Im on. Woah. As of June 1st, 2012♥