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::: What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. :::



Heyy there! ^_^

Welcome to a free spirit's store. mrgreen Please point me out when my prizes aren't reasonable. ^^ I hope you'll find an item you'd like to buy! =)

mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen Ooh, and feel free to message me anytime! mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen

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Total Value: 90,720 Gold, 7,000 Tickets
[Item Information]

Item List:
Elemental Hair
Yellow Scarf
yellow JACKtASS
#E8E629 Complex Band
Gift of the Goddess
Yelo Aquasox
Yellow Mini Boombox
Magic Forest Orb
Spirit Falcon
Summoning Tome



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Comments are nice. ^_^ *Hint hint!* :D

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Scottish Imp Report | 11/24/2008 2:18 pm
Scottish Imp
Well.. its been more than a year since we met. and..incase your not around.. Merry Christmas =3
Scottish Imp Report | 10/02/2008 3:39 pm
Scottish Imp
^o^ well i gues it mgiht be goodbye for us....

^.^ if we meet again i'll be sure to hug
Scottish Imp Report | 06/17/2008 10:32 am
Scottish Imp
2D-Vision Report | 01/30/2008 1:21 pm
I really do hope you come back on...u were 1 of my best friends...and u left User Image i allso changed my name it was magoo32 and now 2d-vision....byebye User Image
Buritani-chan Report | 01/26/2008 12:22 pm
Your Avi is sooo cool!
d e m o n i c s a k u r a Report | 12/25/2007 7:37 am
d e m o n i c s a k u r a
You left?

That Freaggin sucks. User Image

Happy Holidays...
xendopa Report | 12/25/2007 6:19 am

if you'll ever read this


2D-Vision Report | 12/23/2007 5:34 am
umm....merry Christmas ^-^
2Qt4Words Report | 12/14/2007 9:24 am
I luv your AV. Try this out! send this to 10 people and press F5, and you will get 10,000 gold
Dark Phuker Report | 12/08/2007 5:57 pm
Dark Phuker
My style of what?

This is me. =]]

Pucca's an angel. Naruto's my number one knucklehead idol. Family Guy inspires me. *Whispers* I could be related to... tttthhheeee Simmmmpsooooons! mrgreen

... Insanity IS a relative term in my family, lol. A world without insanity would be too boring a journey 4 me anyway! n_n

I like:

~ Smiles
~ Friends! =D Vera!! OMG =) Maren! Trang! Allison =D Dan Vi, Aleya, Joakim, Martin, Ye Song, Han, Park, Vykie, etc. You're ALL sooo awesome ♥=)
~ Laughin at ppl's misery (PHhahahahaha!!) jk heheh. I think... =O)
~ Mainly soft rock, new age, metal n some techno. =)
~ Optimism
~ Girls. Hmm. Heheh.
~ Sports
~ Food...!!! =] I'd always be nicer to you... *wink wink*
~ Art
~ Drawing
~ Singing (when I'm upset/sad or when it's quiet and I feel comfy lol)
~ DANCING!! <3
~ Pranks!
~ Photography (yepp. I'm an amateur. =))
~ Martial arts
~ Internet - yehhh. You too. Admit it! Lol
~ Pets! =D
~ Animals! n_n
~ Helpin out
~ Seeing NICE ppl around me happy, the mean/stupid or annoying ones can just be buried alive n burn in hell=D *wannabe innocent look*
~ Rain drops.
~ Trees
~ Flowers
~ Candles
~ Hearts
~ Lakes, seas, rivers, etc. =)
~ Nature, basically!! =D=D
~ Acceptance. n_n
~ To love be loved. =D

User Image
Total Value: 1,648,228 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Fairy Wings
Alice's Emerald Dress
Ahhrr!! Decor Vest
Autumn Stripes Eggplant Jacket
Black & White Checkered Speedies Top
Black Baggy Jeans
Autumn Stripes Eggplant Skirt
Aoi Cache Pants
Blacklisted Skimpy Swim Bottom
Cheshire Cat Tail
Ancient Katana
Spirit Falcon
Angelic Boots
Angelic Pendant
Anti-Fashion Green Anti-Accessory
Blue PomPom Scarf
Blue Work Gloves
Celestial Wrap
Demonic Anklets
Demonic Pendant
Ancient Katana
Demonic Pitchfork

My very new dream avi. Lolz (I originally tekteked this for someone else, but probably won't win nythin' 4 it so I'm keepin it, lol wink

User Image
Total Value: 103,324 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Celestial Wrap
Spirit Falcon
Gift of the Goddess
Mythic Hair
Gift of the Gods

Life's too short to be miserable. <3

I like my friends. =)

"To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour."

- William Blake

Dream more than others think practical.

Dearest beloveds thanks for your messages <3 !! Love you all. Hope ya'll have a nice day, I might be back for a while hehe. Have a nice summer vacation whatever your plans kk?>. :)