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Haku/17/Furry/Cat/ Breed/calico/Is not taken, but wants to be left alone for a while
I am going over to my other gaia.....TheLostChild2 pm me if you want before the two weeks end.


All about meh

My name is Haku and i am a calico furry. I have blues eyes and blonde hair, and glasses. I always have my phone and i love my gaia. Oh by the way i'm 17 and not looking for a mate since i have two, Hypersanity and Drekan_365. I like haveing catnip and love sleeping in a basket. I teand to get hyper and out of hand but thats just my meds. I have ADHD and a shortness of breath, its not asma just a dent in my chest makes it really hard for me to do anything like running. I have a dog and two cats if not counting the one outside that is old and dieing. my momma has a fish. I have scars all over my body from my OCD, its in my nerves and i can't help but pick so the littlest bug bite turns into a bad scar so to help that i chew a pack of 5 gum a day to keep from picking. I like to read.............

My dream is to have this! *Points down*
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Total Value: 1,356,357 Gold
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Item List:
Satin Hairbow
Autumn Glory
Brown Single Loop Tied Belt
Buttoned Down Foliage Skirt
Gogh Reed 4th Gen.
Changeling Baby Girl 4th Gen
Nice Style For Work
Sibyl's Incantation
Black Neko Cosplay
Oculus Mythica
Superior Form

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GermanRapture Report | 10/06/2009 12:15 am
I will look after you. <3
SilverChaosti Report | 09/20/2009 3:36 pm
No problem...^-^
SilverChaosti Report | 09/20/2009 3:05 pm
OMG Neko-chan.. you has your dream avi..pretty Joo is welcome.... I got on for you yesterday as well *Sigh*
Zeke Hatake Report | 09/13/2009 5:16 pm
Zeke Hatake
Hi Bomber!!
I S h e e n a I Report | 08/28/2009 2:58 pm
I S h e e n a I
New account -l- sheena -l-
Alienmuzik Report | 07/30/2009 10:48 am
ok u send me trade
Alienmuzik Report | 07/30/2009 10:45 am
plz can u sell it to me for 10000
Alienmuzik Report | 07/30/2009 10:43 am
can u sell me head case for 10000
Carmines R e q u i e m Report | 07/28/2009 2:26 pm
Carmines R e q u i e m
Righto I got both your avi's any poses you wanted? or it's up to me?
Carmines R e q u i e m Report | 07/28/2009 2:23 pm
Carmines R e q u i e m
Lol, sorry I wanted the other trade, my cousins being annoying sweatdrop

So can I get your avi's of you and your mother? ^o^
Zeke Hatake

My mate Hyper!

MY best buddy in the real world and our testing.

MY best buddy Nelly!

Edo-chan. My first mate, i miss her.

SNOW! Not her name anymore!

My sister from another mother and over a sea

My fox packmate, and the leader of the pack. and my school girl mate.


And Hyper's girl side, also my mate.