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I am a Performing Artist and appreciate all forms of art because, even if not entirely to my taste, there will still be something about it that inspired another artist or entire genre, therefore I will see the beauty in that.

I'm studying Performing Arts BA (hons), in my 2nd Year. I often perform at charity events to help raise money.

Personality wise:
I see the beauty in absolutely everything! heart
Very optimistic (about things I can be optimistic about!).
I like to make people laugh.
I am very opinionated and I can be very serious if the subject lends itself to that.
I like to think I'm fun to be around.
I will always be there if you need a shoulder to cry on.

I haven't been a member of Gaia for very long so please bear with me if I don't follow the correct etiquette sometimes biggrin

I Like:
Intelligent people with a sense of humor.
Flirting (But don't take me too seriously xp )
Open mindedness
Beautiful people and things
Perversion! lol Don't know why I'm lolling cos its true! lol
Art (Art is many things, the cider bottle I saw the other day with a perfect, wet, "cider-circle" around it, a painting, rainbows, nature, the human body, the sun and the shadows it casts, literally everything around us.
Exercise: Dancing (Contemporary and Jazz), Gym (I do a bit of a blokey workout!) and cycling to the beach.
Reading...if you have any suggestions please throw them my way....I like cleverly written books and books that have a deeper meaning like Ben Elton's "Blind Faith", for example.
Science - I like watching Brian Cox present because he looks so happy all the time! He could be announcing the apocalypse and he'd still be smiling!

I Dislike:
Constant negativity. I can't stand this..
People that take themselves too seriously.
People that have a strong opinion, but don't actually know what they're talking about.
People that take their religion far too seriously, it serves its purpose for you which makes me happy for you, but stop shoving it in my face!
That crazy Jazz that does not contain one bar of melody!
Seeing that someone has left their new object in the wrapping so as not to scratch it - while it is in full use!!.....just use it!!

I like a person to:
Stick to their word,
Make me laugh,
Show me a talent that they have...preferably artistic or athletic please!!!
Show me something beautiful.
Don't be afraid to have a different opinion to me...tha'ts a good thing cos then we can DEBATE!!!

I don't like a person to:
Say their going to do something and think its ok to drop you in it.
Think that violence is a good way to resolve an issue.
Treat others as if you are better than them.
Only contact me if I contact them first. That's not what true friends do so don't think I'm ok with that.
"Friends" that only phone you when they want to complain to you about their boyfriend but the rest of the time you don't hear from them.

An added extra:
If you think we'll get along add me as a friend.
I like both men and women and pretty pictures of men and women! So if you're pretty you can send me some if you like!
And I'd love it if you have pictures of something you find beautiful and shared it with me. xd
I am a very liberal minded individual.
I would like to make the world a better place, whether I do this through my performances, other charity work or just helping a person/animal in need (to date I have saved the lives of 1 budgie, 2 dogs, 3 Terrapins and 1 human being).
I'm a Virgo, although I have the sex drive of a Scorpio! wink

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