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hi im dana, im 16 i live san antonio tx. I have a very high complex vocabulary. im very mature for my age, its like im 16 going on like 32.haha! im kinda emo styled, but i dont act like it, im genually a happy person. im about 5'3 maybe 5'4. black know wat, its just easier to say i look alot like my gaia toon. i love screamo, rock, old 80's music, hardcore stuff. i love to read, i also play video games with my bros, my favorite colors are blue, black, green, and purple. i wear a purity ring. AKA I believe in abstinancy ( if i spelled that correct), that means i have a own promise not to have sex till im married. I have a complex relationship with the guy of my dreams (who also plays gaia) and me and him are hopefully meant to be together, i have high hopes for us and i have a feeling things will turn out for the best. Im not racist, ha! i have two puppies named max and sophie. I have alot of friends. my brothers, cloud kotamu, and officer xanis 10, play online as well. I warn you that i watch who they talk to and im protective, so plz nothing bad. I love making friends and helping people when their in need of help and i try being as mature and wise about it as possible im very dependable nd im blunt, ummm idk wat else to say but if u wana meet me nd hang that wud b awsome! im probrably one of the best ppl u cud meet lol so ya if u want more info on me just pm me nd say "hey".

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