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Hello everybody and welcome to the official autobiography of H75 Valkyrie! I will state in this quick little prologue that I love getting random messages from people so if you ever just feel like chatting feel free to msg me! Thanks and I hope you enjoy my autobiography...

..::The Official Autobiography of H75 Valkyrie::..

It all started... when I was born. lawlz. jk everybody! seriously you dont want to know THAT much about me... do you? creepers. Anyways, you came here so you obviously want to know SOMETHING about me. Alright, I suppose, but be warned, its quite a bit of stuff. So brace yourself. Mkay, well I will start with the basics. My name is Mason. However, on the internet I prefer to be refered to as Valkyrie, As you may know from my username. The "H75" part is short for HAZOP 75, which in turn is short for Hazardous Operations Team 75 (Hooray for double shortening! emotion_awesome ) which is a Halo: Reach clan on Xbox LIVE of which I am the commander. Now to some this may seem a little geeky but rest assured, we are legit. We have 12 members, and are fairly active. But you didn't come here for advertisements so lets get back to the topic at hand. Me! I am 13 years old, and am in the eighth grade... as of 2012. Just putting that on the record so I don't have to update this darn thing every year. I have (as you can tell from my avatar because yes, I do actually TRY to make him look like me.) long dark hair and blue eyes. I am caucasian and other than that you don't need to know what I look like... weirdos. But on topic, My goal for life is to someday get a job working tech for the U.S. military. However, my current dream is to become an internet celebrity. Now I know that may seem a little self-centered or douchey but i'm being serious here. That'd be pretty cool. Now I am a humble person for the most part but I am very confident in myself. I beleive that I am A-OK just how I am and I am not one to give in to peer pressure. So, If you'd like to help me with my dream of being famous on the interwebz, All I ask is that you go to my website, H75Valkyrie.webs.com and become a member. That's all. Nothing else. You dont even have to pay or anything. Just become a member. I'd seriously appreciate it. Anyways, I do have a blog. I call it the Valkyrie Comedy blog, or just VCB for short. You can find it on my website and i do do a little Xbox LIVE version for my friends just for funzies. (Just a side note here, "funzies" is a word I picked up from my friend Camron. Just thought he should be recognized.) On my blog I mostly post jokes, funny quotes, one-liners, etc. hence the "Comedy" part but every now and then I will post something serious. Live with it. About my views on stuff, I'm not nescesarily an atheist, I'm just not very religious. It's not a big part of my life. Also not something I care to debate (as much as I love debating about all kinds of different subjects, this is not one of them) because no evidence can be offered as to whether "god" exists or doesn't. Anyways, I am a firm believer in Capitalism and go along with most of the republican ideals (except about abortion. It should not be illegal. Women should have control of their own bodies.) so I consider myself a republican. Im not saying I dont understand the democratic ideals, I just dont agree with most of them. I am a firm beleiver in the good ol' USA and believe that it is the greatest country on earth. essentially, im a patriot and a proud American. I do have a lot of German roots, and most of my heritage comes from there. I also have a little bit of English, Irish, Swedish, Portuguese, and a teeny tiny bit of cherokee. I do speak primarily English, a little spanish (about as much as everybody else: hello, one, two, three, etc.), and I actually know a decent amount of german phrases, my favorite being "Shut your face, stupid ho bag." (Halt dein gesicht, dumm ho tasche.) Now not nescessarily towards women, just any of my friends who are saying stupid stuff. Because see, I consider myself a very chivalrous person (we are a dying breed, needless to say) and I am a gentlemen, especially to females because in this cruel place called the internet, they are too often treated rudely and with disrespect. I'm just that sort of, "oh here ma'am, let me get that door for you." person... except i don't actually SAY that because it would sound way too dorky. I'm pretty popular at school (not being braggy, just saying) and have a lot of friends. But not if they're complete poops or have a history of violating the bro code. There is nothing worse than a violation of the bro code. I am a very social person. I love parties and I could sit and talk to my friends forever. well, not LITERALLY. theyd bore me eventually and then i'd have to kill them. stare I do love parties. Any type of party. Partying is just fun. I'm an awesome dancer. Like seriously. Have you ever seen in the movies where theres a circle of ppl? and one guy in the middle just breaking down? Well i've been that guy. seriously. no joke. 7th grade, 3rd trimester school dance. I was on fire. Not literally though. Because FIRE BAD. emotion_8c I mean, all you wonderful people would be crushed if I got incinerated wouldn't you? Can I see a show of hands? How many of you would be crushed on the inside if I got incinerated? wait, WHAT!? Only like three quarters!?!? REALLY!? sheesh, people these days... Anyways, my list of hobbies include the following: Playing the Xbox, Drawing (comics mostly), contemplating stuff, reading, and writing things on the interwebz for all you beautiful people to read. Whew, are we really only this far in? I should have divided this up into chapters or something... Anyway, I have only been in one YouTube video but plan to possibly make more sometime. maybe.

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Howdy ppl, this is my Gaia Journal. basicly, i'm gonna write out all my thoughts, and whatnot here for my friends to see. So feelin a little stalkery? go ahead and read through my thoughts...


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