There's some things in the world we can't ever explain. Allow me to share with you a few examples. The philosophical meaning of life. The mystery of the Marie Celeste and what took place on its fateful voyage. The hum in Taos, New Mexico, which seems to sound through every window and door of the small village and yet possess no source. The mysteries of life...beyond death. These things pose questions that some of the greatest minds in history couldn't solve. When I close my eyes and envision the many possible answers my phenomenal mind has concocted, I dismiss them as circumstantial. The real answers elude me as they eluded Einstein, and Da Vinci. I want to find the answers, put the pieces of the puzzle together and see what the truth behind them really is. But then I realize that those answers would only pose more questions...the cycle would continue.

So instead I spend my time with the questions I already have the answers to. I manipulate them. Get creative. In a world of flawed individuals there's nothing more valuable than someone willing to be different from the rest. I'm almost sure there's no one as different as me...with an exception or two. No one who knows how to interpret information in the same way...how to twist it into something that you would never expect to find staring you in the face. I don't like looking for my own answers nearly as much as I like finding the truths about others...but sometimes I suppose we can have no answers until we find questions within ourselves.

Hello...I am the H0ll0wM4n. My name is Tremayne Vice. If you didn't enjoy my philosophical ranting, then pay it no mind. I find I have an uncontrollable imagination and I like to let it run its course. I am nearing my twenty first birthday, and am progressing smoothly on the course of life. I currently work for the St. Croix Chippewa Gaming Industry, at one of their casinos. I have a Facebook profile as every other youth in the world, so feel free to look me up so we may become better acquainted. Just make sure to inform me of who you are; I'm known to reject strangers.

Likes, let's see what do I like...I like cats. I think dogs are great, all animals really. Can't get enough of animals, but when it boils down to what I would want to buy it would be a cat. I like having my own place to live, haha. I've only recently left my parents home and am thoroughly enjoying the independent life. I love music. All kinds, really. Some of my favorite artists are KoRn, TooL, Chevelle, Eminem, Lil Wayne, System of a Down, Disturbed, Two Chains, Musiq Soulchilde, John Legend, John Meyer, and many more I can't recall at this particular moment. Despite having a car I enjoy taking long, pointless walks in random directions. It helps me to think and get some of my scattered brain under control. I'm also a big fan of everything Italian; I even speak a fair amount.

Dislikes. This is more difficult for me, because there really isn't much I dislike. I find it takes more energy to be angry about something than it does to just accept it for what it is. If I had to say though...indian food. Smells to me like it was baked in a used diaper, but maybe I've just not had the right kind of Indian food. Very small dogs. Not because they're small, but because they're noisy. Ah, excessive amounts of noise. Loud music is one thing; I believe music was made to be loud. But everything else, I just want to enjoy the quiet. Good conversation is another exception; if you can entertain me with intelligent conversation then please do. I dislike tentativeness. I wish everyone in the world would just be themselves and be happy about it. I don't ever take the time or the effort to be something I'm not, and I don't think anyone else should either. If you're straight-forward and direct with me, we'll be good friends in no time.

Not much more to tell, I suppose. I'm a nice guy, though I have some very evil beliefs. I don't hurt people, I treat women with respect, I treat the men who deserve respect the same. I stand up for the weak guy, and I stand beside the strong ones who don't pick on the weak. I spend my every waking moment deliberating how I can better myself in my own way. I'm living life the way I think it's meant to be lived, and am hoping to make some more friends, as I spend far too much time alone. It's not healthy, I'm told.

As I said, this is the H0ll0wM4n, and I thank you for reading.