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I will absolutely adore anybody who decides to take the time to draw artwork of my avatar. Since I never had a dream avatar, that's probably where most of my gold goes these days. :'3

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Spicy Kisa

Report | 03/23/2014 2:54 pm

Spicy Kisa

ino rite? You too! xD
Spicy Kisa

Report | 03/13/2014 1:12 am

Spicy Kisa

Nice profile!

Report | 04/25/2010 11:18 pm


oh...to answer back to your comment on 4/14/10 : yes it is hard to pick an album...but if I had to it would be Bloodflowers ^_^

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I love your hair ^_^

Report | 04/14/2010 10:22 pm


nice to meet you as well....

Report | 04/14/2010 10:14 pm


AH, Another Cure fan...rite? ^^

Report | 03/03/2010 2:45 pm


Oh god, I really was. We all were. I actually caught Min lurking over it the other day. She does that quite a bit, gets all weepy and nostalgic over it. S'kinda sad for her, but on the bright side, yes! Always chance to build up a new little RP. Actually a private one doesn't sound like a staggeringly bad idea... well, 'cept that Min isn't on much these days. :c College kinda takes up most of her time, and when she's not on college business, she's... well elsewhere. XD; So yeah, muggins here all on my own. ^^; It's rare me and Min get to talk these days.

As for the Yuki thing... WEEEELL. See, Min and I do a little script RP whenever she's on AIM, and... well... we ran out of things to do, so we decided to let Alastair have his way with EVERYONE on the cast. One day, the image bounced across my head of 'Oh, YUKI?' Min loved this, and so the IMPOSSIBLE PAIRING WAS BORN. Yes, Alastair and Yuki got it on, and now Alastair spends his days mentally TORMENTING Yuki. Because Alastair is evil. Not to mention he's a mental terrorist.

Hah. I remember when my Crystal and FireRed had faulty saves. ;_; Bad tiiimes. I remember this one time I stayed on Crystal (Well, the GBC stayed on) for like 48 hours, because if you switched it off for more than 5 minutes, the save would vanish. X'D In this time, I managed to clock the game through to Red in Kanto. Ahhh, the times... So yeah, I knew you liked HP, because I spotted you in Marauders RPs way back when. o3o; Personally I'm just in it for the Drarry. *foams at the mouth*

LULZ DAMAGE COUNTERS! I remember having the TCG on my GBC, man! D8 Dude, going back.

Alastair: *smirks, holding Shuichi around his waist* 'Course I did. ;3 Weeelll... Depends actually, did you think of me. *feigned innocent look*

Hay, speakin' of AIM. You on it much deez days? Dude, we needs ta talk somewhere again. XD

Report | 03/03/2010 5:50 am


Hawhaw. I will certainly keep my eyes open for anything in Ch-- HEEEEYY... Chicago... Dude, you're six hours behind me now, that's much better than the eight hours we had goin' before! s**t just got awesome! 8D

Gah! I know right? *SQUEEZIES!* You're totally right on the RP front though D8 Finding an RP that'll last a bit like Jounetsu did is like... like finding a wad of gold in a monumental pile of turds. ;___; RPs just diiie too quickly. A few months is a rare find, let alone something that spans over years. Like one or two AIM RPs I has. >8U And again, right with the sudden spark to RP old s**t. 83 That being said, I've grown out of my Yuki killing ways... for er... undisclosed reasons. >:3

Waaa! I miss my Silver. ;.; My Silver was just... the bomb. But I remember taking it to a friend's house one summer and never. seeing. it. again. ;___; I had a bitchin' Lugia on that and everything! That being said, I have a bitchin' Lugia on my Platinum too, he's called Orion, and he's AWESOME. >8D
Haha, meant Harry Potter when I said HP though x) I have an Absol called Morsmordre too, I'm so saaaad. :')

HAHA! I remember when I used to do that all the time! Back in secondary school, 3AM bed time. Why? Most of the time because of talking to you! WE DAMAGE EACH OTHER, BRO-- Oh dear lord, Alastair... noooo, bad Alastair.
Alastair: *is it can be rape tiem nao plees? face* Whaaaaat?
Alastair: Oh fiiiine, you're no fuuuuuun! D= *slump*
You know it wouldn't be rape.
Alastair: It's nevar rape with me.
*shakes head*
Alastair: HAIII SHUICHI! You come under here nao. o3o *yanks under table, switches to perv mode* WELL, I haven't seen you in a while. ;D


Report | 03/02/2010 4:35 pm


Pft, oh yeah, he'll be totally willing by the time I'm through with him. *pervy look* Lalalaaa 8D
New mission get.

Hawhawww, well, we'll see 8D Min (yes, still talking to her 8D) is looking into foreign exchange stuff with her college. She MIIIGHT with a miraculous stroke of miraculous luck, end up at a uni that's like a 20 minute train ride from my place X'D Luuuuck!
I might end up flyin' abroad for a bit as well. Don't know where, but there was this lass in tutorial sesh last week on about doing stuff abroad cheaply to go on your CV for uni and crap. She mentioned something about going places like the US for a couple of weeks, but tbh, I wasn't listening. I was doodling Matt Tuck and Gary ******** Oak all over my notebook.
Hawwww, there's another hottie. I'd do Matt. BD

God, I sound like a slut. D: I'm not, I just happen to find these people insanely attractive. : |

Yeahh! Saw you loitering around one, then I realised 's**t, I stumbled across this place before, WEIRD!'. Man, haven't RPd Gravi in such a long time though... haven't RPd anything in such a long time for that matter X'D Well, a few fractured attempts here and there, but s**t going down outside of Gaia stopped me RPing for a few months and I kinda completely forgot how to write. Boooo. Alastair will be amused, but meh, he's a d**k. >8U

Dayum, really? D: I gots like a full team of 100s, didn't take me that long. Then again, on Platinum there's loads of training opportunities, like the daily gym leaders you get to rebattle, and how the E4 get stronger when you beat 'em a second time. XD Iss all gooood.
I actually got the USB from Sophie though, when she was visitiiing. o3o I'm sure you could get one online, like Amazon or something. Or at a game shop. Would be awesome times though 8D Soph's got like, a wealth of pokemon, she even got me a Shiny Charizard called Fiendfyre ;w; Yes, after the awesome spell. *has turned into a HP nerd since the last time we spoke*
So yeah, get a damned USB connector. >8D

Anywho. *delayedly returns the LIIIICK*
It's 25 to 1 here. I has to be up at 7 tomorrow for college. BAWWWW. I get home at like 1 though, so that's cool!
Anywai, I'll talk t'ya tomorrow or somethin'.
Alastair: HI. >8D
He's turned into moar of an annoying b*****d, ignoooore hiiim, I have no control over him any more. *stuffs him under my desk*

Anywai. NAIGHT! o3o <3

Report | 03/02/2010 4:01 pm


Hopefully I will! I'd literally... quite literally -murder- someone if it got me about 5 minutes with Lee. I luff him Hiku, I luff him moar than Alastair and THAT'S saying something.
*echo* "But you hate me!"
Probably for the best I don't meet him.
emo I'll end up with a restraining order. Or end up in prison for attempted rape. Ohohoho. >w<

So... oh no, I'm not off my rocker or anything 8D

DUDE. BEING IN THE SAME CLASS AS YOU WOULD BE SRS EPIC BISNS. 8D If onlyyy~~ As for school shiznit though... yeah, genetics is BAD.a**. Totally wanna do Biotechnology in uni, although at this rate it's doubtful I'll get the grades XD; A Levels are SO MUCH HARDER than GCSE D: I'll be lucky if I get Bs ;_;
I don't... actually remember what I wrote about Alastair... o3o; he probably slayed a dragon or some s**t. I don't remember, but I remember my english teacher kissing my arse because she thought it was -that- epic. Let's face it, he's a b*****d, but he's an irresistable b*****d. >D As is Shuichi. You can stop luffing Gravitation, but ickle Shu-chan will always remaiiiin. >w>;

I like... have two BAMF pokemon. My Weavile was traded from Japan... srsly. EVIL attack and speed stat, and just general overall won't-take-your-faggotry. My Typhlosion came from the same game, and he will ******** YOU UP. Level 100, knows Solarbeam, Earthquake, Thunderpunch and Fire Blast. ;w;
And Soph was pissed when I slayed her entire team, the one she slaved so hard over. C'mon, no shame in losing to my beasties. >D
As for the Wi-fi... there's a setting on the start menu where you load your game. I couldn't connect mine (which is a DS Lite) to the wireless router, because it's got WPA security settings (DS Lites only like WEP settings) so I ended up having to get a little USB connector. Not staggeringly expensive, but now I can ******** s**t up with my Mega Typhlosion all over the world. XD

Daaayum, if you had Wi-fi I could breeeeed and dish out over 9000 uncatchables... that's a lie, there aren't even over 9000 pokemon, but you get muh drift. Can always get moar from the girlfriend, she's got a s**t ton of pokeymans she can trade me if I says so. >:3


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