my name is Gweno, i enjoy hedrick, listening to music, rocking out to music, writing music, writing anything, dancing in the pouring rain, dancing in my skivvis, handcuffs, doing things i shouldnt, being cornered, smelling good, drawing, moxie, love, watching movies, flowers, being a tease, stuffed animals, movies with love and murder in them, being sung to
i do not enjoy, being lied to, stereo-typed, hypocrites, judgemental people, cleaning my room, awkward silences, rap music

people are often surpirsed that who i am is not what i look like on the outside
you can think whatever you want to about me but you'll never truely know..unless you know me


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I got soul

My self-examination led to my ultimate self -distruction

me me me me is all you think that i care about, me me me me is all i really wanna talk about



Your gawking creates the panic in my voice as I scream out blood from the back of my throat