-The Tale of Wolf and His Siblings-
In the beginning there is mother, She gave birth to all things. The first son of mother is wolf, he who is wise and strong; for many seasons he defended mother and all things. the second born of mother is Lioness, She who is sly and fierce. Serpent is the youngest of mothers children, she is hard working, steady and loyal. mother loves her children and gives them plenty.
In the twenty and fourth season of the mother and all things there was a great calamity between mother and her enemies. Mother was forced to leave, and she placed wolf over her world, this angered Lioness. Lioness quickly grew spiteful and thought to fight
wolf, however she knew wolf was stronger. She went to serpent to convince her to rebel, but serpent was unwavering in loyalty to her brother wolf. Not finding support from Serpent only added to Lionesses anger, for she attacked Serpent when she slept tieing her up so she could not help Wolf. Lioness Laid in wait for Wolf using Serpent as bait, and when Wolf had realized what was happening she had already won. Wolf was Wise and talked Lioness into letting Him and Serpent go into exile.
Many Long Seasons Passed, winters came and went. Wolf and Serpent walked east until they came to the edge of the earth, and saw the great sea. In this place Wolf said 'We will not forget who we are, from this day we will strive to forgive Lioness and her followers, and she will someday come to serve Mother with us again'. Serpent made her home in the earth and learned to harvest, she began to love thier new home. Wolf however could not rest He would stay for a season or two then walk west to see if Lioness had come to be with them, and every time return dissapointed.
On the fourteenth journey of Wolf he came across a strange
child in a basket on the sea, his name is Spider. Spider is strange indeed for Spider would stack rocks and stand upon them at night, Wolf called him 'One who chases stars, and longs greater than any of us for Mother to return'. At first Spider would travel with Wolf in the summer and learn from Snake in the winter, but in the third journey Spider decided to find the edge of the sea, He returned to his basket and began to row east only to return in seven seasons with a new child at his side. Her name is Falcon.
Spider told a story of an island to the west with great beasts and many trees, it was there that Spider found Falcon, Falcon is small and quiet, however she is sly. Falcon stayed with Spider on the edge for a time, but when Wolf went on his journey for the summer, Falcon followed him. Falcon asked 'Why do you leave Wolf?', and Wolf said 'I am searching for my sister', 'but sir, your sister is here' Falcon replied. Wolf offered for her to follow, he promised she would enjoy it, and she wanted to go. Now that season of summer was short and before Wolf and Falcon could return, winter came. Falcon grew hungry, and wanted to hunt like wolf, so she cast a spell on wolf and stole a piece of his soul. Wolf cried in pain as his arm took the form of an Eagle, however Falcon could not control the new spirit as it flew north, and she followed. Wolf cursed Falcon saying 'When one sees the Falcon and the Eagle in the sky, falcon cannot catch Eagle'.
Wolf decided to move west before a great storm would overtake him in the valley, and he came upon the land of many canyons.Wolf wandered the land of canyons for a time like three seasons, until he came across a canyon that stretched the horizon north and south. Wolf said to himself 'I have not seen Lioness, yet I have journeyed far to long, I must have passed our birthplace'. Wolf was confused, he feared he may never find Lioness, and he wept. When Wolf fell to the ground in tears he heard a voice, it said: 'Why do you cry mighty beast?, have you lost you way?'. Wolf was surprised when he saw the strange new creature, it was a Sheep with long spiraled horns, and He called himself 'Big Horn'. Big Horn said that it was only going to get colder and that Wolf should follow him home, and wolf agreed. Big Horn led Wolf over the edge of the great canyon and onto a ledge that led slowly down to a cave, Big Horn warned 'don't fall for even if you survive, a fierce Bear lives below, and he will eat you'.
Wolf lived with Big Horn for a time, and when spring finally came, Wolf said goodbye, but Before Wolf left Big Horn gave him a silver fang, Big Horn said 'it will unite our family, and we will
be one'. Wolf was confused by the gift and asked why Big Horn would give it to him, all Big Horn said in return was, 'You will understand in time', and Wolf left east to be with Serpent.
It took Wolf four seasons to get back, when wolf returned Serpent had fled, for a new beast had attacked her. Wolf was greatly angered as he approached the creature, 'WHO ARE YOU DEAMON!!!' demanded Wolf.'I am Dragon and this is my land" replied the monster. Wolf was furious, he gave Dragon one chance to tell him where Serpent had gone, and Dragon answered with a laugh. Wolf ran at Dragon baring his fangs, and Dragon blew fire at wolf. Wolf was
surprised when this happened, for wolf had never seen fire fly before. Wolf tried to dodge, but his fur was burned, Dragon was however surprised by how agile wolf was. Wolf got an idea, and he let out a great howl and bared the silver fang Big Horn gave him. Dragon felt his very heart shake in fear for this Wolf beast must certainly be the true lord of Mothers lands, and Dragon submitted.
Serpent returned from the edge with spider unscathed, however she was happy to find wolf had banished Dragon, and destroyed his fire. Wolf embraced Serpent and Spider and helped them rebuild their home. But Wolf felt that it was odd that Dragon surrendered when Wolf bared the fang, and he decided not to tell them what he had. Seven seasons passed and all was well when Spider decided to return to the sea, Wolf and Serpent said goodbye and Spider left.
Many seasons passed, and Wolf began to long for a journey, he said 'I will visit my friend Big Horn'. When Wolf was going to leave Serpent saw someone on the horizon, it was Big Horn. Wolf asked Big Horn why he had come, and Big Horn said that a Lioness had tricked Bear into attacking him. Wolf was startled to hear this, and growled in dissatisfaction.
Wolf asked Big Horn if Lioness was heading this way, and Big Horn said 'she is'. Wolf told Serpent to find Spider and prepare for the return of thier sister. As winter came, so did Lioness and her servant Bear. Wolf had prepared himself for their arrival and called upon Dragon, who having been inspired by Wolf's words decided to help, and with the return of Spider and Serpent, Wolf felt ready to confront their sister. 'I see you have friends'Lioness said,'You have some yourself' replied Wolf. Lioness had captured Bear and another named Deer, her friends were more servants than friends.
Lioness wasted no time and gave a growl sending Bear into a frenzy, who then ran to attack Wolf. Dragon blew fire at Lioness burning her paw, Wolf dodged as Bear reared up, Lioness swiped at Wolf giving him a scar on the face, Serpent bit bear on the ankle, with a mighty howl Wolf bared his fang inspiring fear in all thier hearts toward Wolf, then Spider Tied Bear and Lioness up. Deer had run away, so Lioness cursed her saying 'for your cowardice you will never be free, for your heart will always be mine'. Wolf told Spider to place Lioness in a large basket and take her away on the sea, Wolf also cursed Bear saying 'since you cannot curb your anger, you will for all days live below in shame and revel in your violent nature'. Bear ran away to the west.
Having finished with his duty Dragon felt bold, 'What is that fang you hold, for want it' he said. 'it is "my" fire' Wolf said 'and you may not have it'. Dragon was overcome by his jealousy, and he blew his fire hitting wolf in the heart. He took the fang and ran north, but in his paniked flight he dropped the fang, and wolf has never found it.
Wolf recovered however heartbroken over his siblings hate for one another. When you hear his pained cry a night, you would be right to mourn with him.


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