Bluber or bargin


Hello there In Real life My names is David though some call me Rob and i am 26 years old yeah i know i am a bit old than u thought i was but that's the truth and their is no getting by it lol.

Love metal genres music except for black metal
Obvious gamer
I like some anime series not all of them.

other things you should know about me are yes i am a role player no i am not a Sirius one or fan of it i just do it for fun and killing time pretty much like my games is how I treat rp.

yes my character dose have a personal history to it
no i don't play other types of character other than a drow

if you need to know guldrins more of a neutral side characteristics and a selfish one at that he is mainly a rogue and/or pirate will do loads of thieving skills and assassinations and will most likely do those for the right price.

if you need to know how he came to be this way reed the jurnal on the history of this character.