Note: It's been probably two years (or less, I just feel like it's been a while) since I got back on Gaia. The last time I was on Gaia, zOMG! was gone. Then I left again because the only reason I played Gaia was gone. But ever since my sister got back on, I decided to, as well. It's much funner when I have someone to talk to about the things on this game.

My name's Guji! (But, as for the longest time I was known as Lulu, that is acceptable as well.)

Gujiniuniu is my regular online name; I created this account long before I came up with it, and thought it was about time to change it since my sister changed hers to her regular Internet name.

Anyways, profiles are often so dry with lists and bullet points. I doubt anyone even reads them.

I consider myself an artist, but I draw mostly anime and am not actually that good at it. At least, I think I'm not that good at it. I'm working on how to draw boys and cats, as well as original character design. When it comes to digital art, I am also experimenting.

I watch anime (as if that wasn't self-explanatory enough).

Other games I play are Transformice and Terra Battle. Although, I usually hang out more on the Atelier801 forums than playing any of those (especially since my phone is currently broken, so I can't play TB).

HOpefully, that's good enough for now.

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Birthday: 10/25


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♪ Usually any items whose lowest listing/average price is below ~400mil will be BID AND BUY.

♪ Items whose lowest listing/ABP is below ~100mil will be BUY ONLY.

♪ If an item has no other listings it will most likely be BID ONLY.

♪ Any auctions (bids) will last 1-3 days and will usually end around 7pm EST.

♪ I will not accept bids early. Please do not plead me to accept it early.

♪ No more items will be added to my store until there are no more listings.

♪ There may be listings that do not follow these rules. This is most likely because I received these items from auctions myself.

♬ Feel free to PM ♬

this is just white space wyd


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