Basic Info
Name - Shoobie
Age - 15
Hair - Auburn
Eyes - Blue / Grey
Height - 5 Foot
Ethnicity - Caucasian
Build - More to love
Orientation - Bi
Status - Taken
Religion - Agnostic
Zodiac - Aquarius
Occupation - Guitarist

Other details
There's not too much I can put in here. You'll have to figure out who I am on your own, because everyone says I'm different to every person. No, not as in a two-faced, horrible person, no, I just adjust to a persons personality so I don't hurt their feelings. It's weird, yeah, but it's me.

A few things I can say about myself, however;
I love the bands(musicians):
Mindless Self Indulgence
La Dispute
David Lampman
The Used

I love the shows:
Ouran High School Host Club

Sylvi and Rique are my loves in life. They are beautiful. That is all I can say about them. Oh, I forgot. They're my guitars. =P
Cheesey, I know, but extremely true! =D

Anyways, have fun. Peace out!


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Grim Kisser

Report | 09/26/2009 12:35 pm

Grim Kisser

Epic Kittehsaurus

Report | 07/22/2009 7:00 am

Epic Kittehsaurus


I just felt really bad for her yesterday...
but we talked last night, and I made sure that she was ok.
She was so sad... crying
But now everything's okay ^___^
Epic Kittehsaurus

Report | 07/20/2009 7:33 am

Epic Kittehsaurus

Yay Yay Yay Yay

And thanks so much, Shoobie. i wouldn't have asked her if it wasn't for you :3
Epic Kittehsaurus

Report | 07/19/2009 10:30 pm

Epic Kittehsaurus

SHE SAID YES. ^__________________^
Epic Kittehsaurus

Report | 07/15/2009 2:40 pm

Epic Kittehsaurus

I know!!!!! YAY!!!!
Krissy told me this afternoon, and I was like, "excuse me for a second"

XD But seriously, I'm very happy you don't have to move.
Loves ya!! ^_^ Zakky
Epic Kittehsaurus

Report | 07/07/2009 2:17 pm

Epic Kittehsaurus

Well then we'll have to throw a goodbye party or something!
And don't refuse ^_^ We'll do it anyways. I'll call a thousand people XD
Lol, not really a thousand.

But...I'm really sorry you have to move, hun. Promise you'll still email once and a while?
Epic Kittehsaurus

Report | 07/04/2009 11:24 am

Epic Kittehsaurus

Shoobie doo!
Are you in florida?
(Please say no ;__ wink

I misses you D;
Epic Kittehsaurus

Report | 07/02/2009 1:18 pm

Epic Kittehsaurus

Shoobie doo!
Hi! smile
un-noticed outcast

Report | 06/26/2009 6:44 pm

un-noticed outcast

If u like lordi check this out, its a fan made video

un-noticed outcast

Report | 06/09/2009 7:26 pm

un-noticed outcast

hey shoobie, just felt like putting a random comment on your profile...

or is it random?

feel better, k?


We all know they're planning something!