I'm not giving them out


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Daddyz_little_girl Report | 02/17/2007 7:49 pm
Hey! heart Just thought id leave u a comment
[ miko.chan ] Report | 02/11/2007 5:42 pm
[ miko.chan ]
Color of the day:

Your cuuute.
^_^ sorry if I am
being the most random person
right at the moment. But I saw you in a pyp
thread and just wanted to say that.
Ahaaa. <3

Ultimate extraordinary purple. <3

SaKuRaXOXO Report | 01/30/2007 3:36 pm
beautyfull eyes.
[.Corrupted.Condom.] Report | 01/29/2007 4:37 pm

You=Utterly Gorgeous.

Dolly Dynamite Report | 01/29/2007 12:58 pm
A comment.
Niiiice. 8B
xXRoadkill Report | 01/29/2007 12:57 pm
"How do you get your hair in that shape?
I'm ******** magical. Stop asking."

Mann. I get that all the time too.

How are you?

Lady [J] Report | 01/29/2007 12:50 pm

[ it's hard to enjoy life, when you need to go to the bathroom... ]
umm_justa_name Report | 01/28/2007 9:49 pm
Your cute...but ur probably taken so i`ll just leave it as a comment!
Saphira Heart Report | 01/28/2007 8:28 pm
Hiya!... I think you kinda look like Jake Gyllenhaal... Hes super cute too... Thought I`d leave you a comment..
Politic Report | 01/28/2007 6:16 pm
THat's one of my favorite videos of all time that you have on your page.

Good job, now im in love with you.


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My name is Nathaniel. I'm a sixteen year old, average boy with too much homework and late night studying. I can be a jerk, or a sweetheart. I suppose I'm usually more of a jerk though. I'm also very stubborn. I get jealous easily, especially when it comes to girlfriends and boyfriends. I'm also probably the laziest person you will ever meet. To top that, I'm probably the most arrogant, sarcastic, and naive person you will ever meet. I spend more than half my life either at school or on the computer. The other half is spent sleeping, which I don't like much, drawing, painting, or just plain designing things. I wouldn't say I'm the most tolerable person. I've grown a great distaste for people in general, although, there are a few people that I meet that I like. I really am quite a complicated person, and you probably won't understand me, no matter how hard you try. But I think everyones like that. Even though my minds complicated, I'm usually a pretty simple person. For the most part I'm a quiet person, with quiet thoughts, quiet words, and quiet steps. I'm inconsistant and I live life with a gauarded heart. I'm an infrequent sleeper and I quit at everything. I don't hold grudges but I think it would be very easy for me to do so. I read a lot of books, at one time I even thought about becoming a librarian. I'm intrested in cultures, whether it be American, French, or Japanese, all of them intrigue me. I thrive off of knowledge, without it my brain would rot. I'm not religious, I like to have proof. I love talking to people and creating art on and offline. The world is my canvas, and I intend to stretch it farther than the eye can see. I also believe in fate. When I grow up I want to design clothes or graphics and live in Tokyo


How do you get your hair in that shape?
I'm ******** magical. Stop asking.

Are you left or right handed?

I am ambidextrous. Yeah, I'm cool.

Are your eyes real or are they contacts?

Their REAL! I know they are bright, I see them everyday, you don't have to tell me fifteen million times.

Do you edit your own pictures?

For the most part, yes I do. I won't edit any for you though, unless, just maybe, you're a good friend. I'm much too lazy for that.

Yes I DO have more pictures

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