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Blackjack vs Me

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Me & Lylla

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Joined Gaia on January 31st 2015

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If I can get my hands on one.
I have intergalactic plans.

Completed Projects:

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{ I will not grant permission }

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Trash Panda

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Place of origin:

Criminal Record:
13 counts of theft
22 counts of escape from incarceration
7 counts of mercenary activity
15 counts of arson

Master Tactician and Field Commander
Expert Marksman
Accomplished Starship Pilot

Mechanical Gadgets
Animal Senses
Super-Human Agility

Called: Rodent / Vermin / Cute / Raccoon

Called: Rocky


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Auriga La Shock Report | 10/15/2019 5:53 pm
Auriga La Shock
Reiko Tsuneo ^^
Auriga La Shock Report | 10/12/2019 6:10 pm
Auriga La Shock
It's shiny emotion_kirakira
Elfwink Report | 07/25/2019 11:51 pm
Nice avatar and profile dude.
Auriga La Shock Report | 07/12/2019 12:40 pm
Auriga La Shock
You xD So silly. How have you been, Rocket?
Neshira Namea Returns Report | 12/19/2018 7:30 pm
Neshira Namea Returns
No problem!
Flammable Hippie Report | 11/02/2018 12:49 am
Flammable Hippie
heart heart heart heart
Lady Lylla Report | 11/01/2018 1:48 pm
Lady Lylla
/ A otters wrath, Blackjack. mad
Lady Lylla Report | 11/01/2018 1:46 pm
Lady Lylla
/ I did. whee Not so much anymore. -u- /Hugging you still/ No, I don't have chocolate. xux Are you going to eat my brains? xux I could get you some chocolate. xux From what little I read I didn't really like her. I loved that she was an otter because I love otters. I'm rewriting her personality by being myself. Otter princess with a cast iron frying pan, taser, and pepper spray. This princess isn't getting kidnapped without a fight. I'll fight dirty. I'll even smack anyone with a dead fish. Then cook it up later and eat it. biggrin
/ If I still crushed over Thor. I would have done the same thing Gamora did.
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Blackjack 0 Hare Report | 10/31/2018 3:27 pm
Blackjack 0 Hare
*Munches on cracker Jack listening between both your profiles* You know...I can hear you..you guys... emotion_awesome
Ok...I need to be careful...about any tasers and pepper sprays and frying pans...anything else..? emotion_awesome
Don't you dare eat her.... emotion_donotwant I saw your status... emotion_donotwant
Lady Lylla Report | 10/31/2018 9:26 am
Lady Lylla
/ Awwww! He named a baby otter Lylla. whee Baby otters are so cute! 4laugh I'm still new to the Marvel Universe on characters. For the longest time, I thought DC heroes and Marvel heroes were all in one universe. My friend had to correct me. Told me DC fans and Marvel fans sometimes don't get along. ouo Oh no! D: Guardians 3 is on hold. D: I wanted to see what those golden people were cooking up in that casket thing. I'm worried what kind of state Rocket will be in. After finding out all his friends are dead too. He'll at least have the pirate angel Thor. I loved the scene when Gamora was touching Thor's muscular arm and StarLord was getting jealous. I need to expand my weapon choice. Oh no, you don't! O:< It's not healthy! O:< /Hugs/
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Wait? You still are a symbiote. x-x /Doomed/
Maybe they were fixing a mistake by killing Blackjack. When she does find out. What will she do to Rocket? x-x


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