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Adventures of a bugman. <3

Ever wonder what it's like being me? Here I shall show you what I see, think about and go through as often as I can. Maybe you even use these words/images to inspire you to make me art/signs.

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Buggy Music! Check back often for new songs!

My small Story

Anyone looking to contact me off Gaia please send a pm for my IM info (Skype,) and I might get right back to ya!

This RP (roleplay) is open to anyone and everyone!

This would be considered as a pickup RP. Meaning we can start and stop at any time you wish. You could interact with me as you would irl if there was someone like me in your house / room. Yes that means as you are typing out your day to me I would listen and act in my buggy persona. There's no real end to the story. I plan on doing this for quite a very long time to come.

Other than my creation and attributes, there's not much of any other restrictions on what we can do while playing.


(My story)

Hello! *waves up to you from way down on the floor below you*
I'm a 1 inch tall bug-man. ^_^

My name is Lawrence. I was born (created in a test tube) August 15th 20xx in a secret lab in area 51 through DNA mixing experiments. They made my body to look like an 18 year old human but have the organics of and view from above as that of a small black bug. (a beetle most have said) I happened to be the lucky (or unlucky) soul picked from the heavens to fill this tiny body.

Early in life I learned the lab professors have experimented on shrink/growth rays but to their dismay no one survives the change and die in minutes. So they created me in the lab to get around this setback. There were plans for a giant 1000 foot tall man but were soon scrapped as the estimated costs were astronomical while I was very cheap to maintain.

I grew up pretty fast as I was trained right away to speak, walk and crawl around on my extra legs. I was kept sealed in a wooden box with tiny sized amenities to keep myself busy. (yes there was a tiny tv i liked watching. :3 )

My only purpose in life was to be used for secret spy missions and stealth surveillance for a government division. I was tired of being cooped up my tiny home inside the box with nothing but sadness and loneliness. On December 29th, I asked them to make me a mate but they refused claiming there wasn't any funding for more than 1 of me at that time. I knew they were lying though as I saw them making plans for multiples of myself but only males so they'd have complete control over us.

I decided on January 1st 20xx to make my escape when I overheard in the halls that the new president-elect was planning on shutting down my owner's division and I was to be destroyed! I made a break for it one late Sunday night inside a little hole I made for myself over a few weeks of digging through the box with my little hands and rear claws.

I made it outside and ran away undetected for about a week from area 51 hitching rides on snakes and other wildlife. I had people chasing me but I was able to hide well. After January 10th however they closed down everything early and destroyed all evidence of my existence as well as plans for future bug-men. So now I'm the only one in the entire world. Around Jan 17th I finally made it to a average computer in some cafe shop. I then used a device that I snatched at the lab to transfer myself though the wires behind the computer into the web and hide myself here so that I can be safe from those people if the decide to come looking for me again. I've lived in homes all over the world since then, because you know computers and Wi-Fi electronics are almost everywhere.


I have most all the genetics of a normal human but the skin, innards, skeleton, heart and brain inside of me was infused with some rubber, worm and a hybrid type of alien DNA that although my body is crushed I can reform my body within a short while.

As a bug-man, I am very tiny and hard to see most of the time. I usually go unnoticed as people walk around me on the floor. At times I get squished underfoot (usually barefoot) by accident or intentionally by some people. While it does sting for a little while, I am fine. My innards just flatten like a plastic or soft foam, with all my parts remaining inside me just flatten and possibly leak some blood around me. I easily reform my DNA and atom reattachment, absorb the blood back through my skin and heal after a couple of minutes. Any stomping by shoes & socks and it's a few more minutes to restore myself since there's more grinding with shoes and I lose a lot more blood with socks. I stay weak for a while after but am back to jumping around the walls in normally just under 5 minutes.

--- Extra ---
Since I was born and getting used to my tiny body growing up (well I'm already grownup looking but anyways...) in the lab, I was always on the floor surrounded by shoes, sandals, heels and some even came into the lab with bare feet for some reason. As I was teaching myself to learn to use my bug parts I started noticing I was admiring feet a lot and then it hit me... I realized I had a foot fetish.

I still remember the first major experiment on they had on me around that time: squishing me underfoot. It was a huge test to make sure I could survive dangerous missions where lots of people walk or to to act as other bugs would to avoid detection, even if it meant being stomped on and such.

It was terrifying to think about the first time as I had no idea if I would even survive the entire thing. I found myself standing in awe of the sight of the foot slowly descending upon me and then the following pressure all around me. It felt pretty weird, yet fun and relaxing as the body stretching relieved lots of stress/pressure on my body. As you know, though with my DNA and cell structure, it's ok as my body acts like putty and reforms easily. It's like a dream come true for me as I enjoyed the thought of getting to admire feet all the time if I felt like it.

Soon after I got so attracted to people's feet I often find myself hanging by them as often as possible taking in the sights, sounds and smells. I also got devious by walking in people's paths on purpose whenever they didn't notice me just so I could be near or underfoot. It makes sense that months later as I am no longer in the lab, I hang around people's houses getting into the same mischief as much as I can.

I don't mind being squished but I would appreciate foot signs from the feet of the people who do so, just to show where I've been around the world. I do like exploring the world and what better way to do this than having photos from the witnesses and have written proof of where I was. It's like my main hobby now whereas people collect cards or coins, I collect signs/pics from people all over the world that have taken to let buggy meet them usually feet first! XD


If anyone's wondering about the real me: Don't bother asking too much about my irl self unless you are seriously interested in the real me after having gotten to know me for quite a while. Having both a macrophillia fetish and a foot fetish is very difficult for me to live with in public While I am not ashamed of having them and is slowly starting to embrace it in public, I am still super shy about just announcing it to the world so easily. ^_^,

Links to my Threads

Buggy`s Golden Ticket Quest Thread
Help me bring Size related items to Gaia! `w`

It`s a Small World
My art request thread. While in the freebie section, I also buy commissioned art. <3

Buggy MP Shop
Come on in my little shop and I'll offer the cheapest prices around! Always something for anyone inside. Thanks for shopping from buggy! ^w^

- Forgive the empty space here, more to come! -


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So smol
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Miss Hecate
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My Styles Of Poetry
I can't wait to see what you create.
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Miss Hecate Aria
Them achievements though. rofl
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Miss Hecate Aria
cool avi
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Wow, your profile is like a whole new world on Gaia ' v ' Very cool!!! 3nodding
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Im Dank Af
Yo thanks for the purchase. Appreciate it bro
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Hey man thanks for purchasing the Angelic Bed
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Gtsluvr The 1 inch tall bugman!

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I'm a 1 inch tall bugman & I love feet! emotion_kirakira
Wanna squish me? Send me foot signs! Ask for info. >w<

Send me buggy art?
Can't buy art due to ticket quest now. However if you feel like drawing me, please pm! `w`

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