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Birthday: 02/01

The Senshi

About the Senshi

Sailor Name: Sailor Nerine
Transformation Phrase: Aqua does not have a transformation phrase. She can transform without one.
Transformation: User Image
Normal Form:
User Image

Her Two Warrior Forms:
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Eternal Form:
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Symbol: User Image

Colors: Blue, white and gold
Weapons: A weapon she calls Tsunami. It tends to be in the form of a trident, but can change into two different types of swords, and a staff.
Attacks: Deep Tsunami Wave
Storming Rain
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The Puppeteer

Well now,the one pulling the strings of Aqua is quite an ..interesting little gal. The name's Tasfia, call me Tas if you wish to. I'm 15 and a freshmen at highschool. Quite enjoying life at this moment.

I can be quite friendly when I want to be. If you want to get to know me better, you can add me on my main, I'm more carefree on that account. I don't bite darlings, don't be afraid to throw me a little comment. ♥

Anything else you wish to know about, just ask me or get to know me.


About the Girl

Name: Aqua Tenoh Kaioh Redgrave
Name Meaning: Water and a shade of blue, last name is the last name of her husband
Age: 22
Status: Married to Leander Redgrave on March 17th (2010)
Birthday: March 4th
Astrological Sign: Pisces
Eyes: Deep blue
Hair: Teal blue with natural blonde bangs
Skin: Peach
Height: 5' 4"


1st Lifetime

Life is quite an interesting thing, is it not? Though when you’ve lived it once, things tend to get boring. Aqua Tenoh Kaioh, had been born in the past during the time the senshi had all been living a peaceful life in the Silver Millennium Kingdom. Seeing as Haruka and Michiru were both female they were unable to have children. How Aqua had been born, when she had been born, where she had come from and how she was born still remains a mystery.

Aqua had been found on the doorstep to Michiru’s palace. The day she was found was the day of a terrible storm. Though opening the door Michiru saw to her surprise that the sleeping child was not at all wet. The storm seemed to have dodged the young girl and left her completely dry. Seeing as she couldn’t leave the young girl out in the cold, Michiru had decided to bring her in. She noticed that the little girl had curly blue hair, resembling Michiru’s and a few strands of blonde hair in the front. Haruka and Michiru were stunned when they had run a few magical tests on the girl to find that she had a bit of Haruka and Michiru’s blood in her.

Rumours about Aqua spread quite quickly. Some said she was blessing from god, while other’s said she was unnatural and scary. The biggest rumour was that she was given to them by a water spirit. Aqua had become the first child of Haruka and Michiru and they had treated her like their own. Michiru had told Aqua she could have the Neptunian Kingdom when she came to the right age.

Unfortunately, at the age of 97 (which is quite young for a Neptunian) Aqua had fallen ill. She had started seeing dreams and visions of death coming towards her. She had caught a very bad flu that many thought she could make it out of. Unfortunately, she hadn’t. Aqua had died in her sleep with a smile.

No one could imagine that the female would once again be reincarnated, to live a very different life, where she could remember none of her past. In Aqua’s dreams, she does at times get glimpses of her past life.

2nd Birth

Aqua Tenoh Kaioh’s story is a story like no other Chibi Senshi. The parents of Aqua are both females, Michiru Kaioh and Haruka Tenoh. Many people ponder about how Aqua-chan was born. There are many possibilities of how Aqua could have been born by two lesbians. In her case. Michiru and Haruka decided to try in-vitro fertilization. In-vitro fertilization is when one of the mother’s would get their egg fertilized and then put into the uterus of the other. Haruka was the one that had gotten a sperm donor. Her fertilized egg was placed into Michiru’s uterus. After 9 months of pain, the beautiful Aqua was born.

Aqua was the second child of Michiru, the first one being her older brother. When Aqua had been born, she hadn’t been born alone. Along with her came her twin. Though, the mysterious thing is that Aqua has no memories whatsoever of this other sibling. Nothing other than a head-splitting pain comes to her when she tries to remember. Aqua is currently searching for the reason why this part of her memory has been taken away.

Aqua had been born with naturally blue hair and blonde bangs, which was quite an interesting combination. As Aqua grew older, the colour of her bangs would change due to her mood. Usually they would stay blonde or blue. In one of her sailor forms, her bangs change and become a light blue colour. As she grew, she slowly got more powerful. Aqua is a very powerful Senshi, and is praised by others for that. She is usually seen fighting solo, or alongside her guardian Rayce Verrill.

Aqua is a time-traveller. She has never quite told anyone why she time travels. Her usually excuses are “I want to see my parents younger.” No one yet knows why she continues to time travel. She travels between her time and the past quite a lot, after being gifted a key quite like the one Chibi-Usa has, from Lady Setsuna.

Aqua is now 22 and in a few years will stop aging. She is happily married to Leander Redgrave and has two children named Alice Nessa Redgrave and Isaiah Connor Redgrave.


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She wasted no more time on empty words but took a step closer and pulled her in a hug.
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