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Age: 16

Parents: a Griffon and the Arabian Safanad

Killer Style: Vintage oxfords. Skinny jeans, the tighter the better. Limited production independently screen-printed v-neck shirts. Whatever.

Favorite music: I prefer post-modern art rock but I'm down with new wave punk blues. Really anything by Ghostye, whom you've probably never heard of.

Freaky Flaw: Flaws? I don't have flaws.

Favorite Color: Noire, the timeless color of vinyl.

Favorite Food: aGhast Blue Ribbon.

Pet Peeve: You.

Favorite Activity: Drinking GBR and listening to music. Cruising vintage and record stores for something totally deck. There's nothing like finding the latest sound and rocking the hell out of it. Until other people ruin it, that is.

Pet: Faust. I've had her since I was a cub, she's my best friend. What is she? I can't tell you, because then everyone will get one.

Favorite Subject: Home Ick. What, you don't make your own clothes? Oh, that's right, you probably shop at the maul like everybody else.

Least Favorite Subject: Dead Languages. Why do they have to teach them to other people?

BFF: Atomica Servo, Lin McGearLoch


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All up the seething beat of drums

Thoughts are music notes, this is the rhythm of synapses.


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Lin McGearloch Report | 12/20/2013 8:05 am
Lin McGearloch
GRYFF!!! Are you coming over for Grimmas Eve? Mom and Grimma say they need their favorite singng partner for Grimmas Scarols.
Rose Scissors Report | 10/17/2013 7:33 pm
Rose Scissors
Hey, Gryff, got a minute?
Lin McGearloch Report | 08/09/2013 8:05 pm
Lin McGearloch
Horros, NO! eek I mean.... well not lately. No! This normie.... I saw him outside the maul when I was going in AND when I was leaving! Then he was waiting outside of Scarbucks! Gryff... will you go with me to Best Boo? They get a new truck in tomorrow and I don't want that creepy normie hanging around!
Falconnie Hawke Report | 08/08/2013 1:44 pm
Falconnie Hawke
Mister Gryff, is there anything that I can get you this evening?
Lin McGearloch Report | 07/26/2013 7:56 pm
Lin McGearloch
GRYFF! A weird normie keeps following me!
Lin McGearloch Report | 07/04/2013 10:59 am
Lin McGearloch
Hm, you're right -- as always. I wonder if Grimma can use some to make one of her patchwork quilts for Sweety?
Lin McGearloch Report | 07/04/2013 10:58 am
Lin McGearloch
GRYFF!!! What are your plans for the rest of the summer? Wanna hang out at the ol' McGearloch abode?
merabell3 Report | 06/26/2013 4:24 am
(sigh) look no matter what you say or do to Dashner he's always a nice boo no matter what and he will always be my beastie
Dashner Hawke Report | 06/25/2013 7:02 pm
Dashner Hawke
Dashner Hawke Report | 06/25/2013 5:45 pm
Dashner Hawke
*scratches his head* Er... Can you please put that in simpler terms? sweatdrop



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