Out Loud?? ;3
or... In Closure? ;o

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Hai Derr!! ;3
I'm Joanne,
known as Jojo.
So please call me one of the two names(:
I can be mean, but lets not get into that!!
My friends come first.
Yah.. I know craziie right??
I have a weird obsession with pandas
There's more, but if you even cared you would Pm me yourself.
Baii!!! ^_________________^

Favorite Holiday coming up, Ya thats right folkss. xP
This girl is turning a new age(; Birthday, JUNE 26th.

Did you know, that only 98 percent of teenagers say "I LOVE YOU" and don't mean it?
If you are one of those 2 percent that mean it when they say it then,
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