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I really thought this was sweet.

BOY: I love her more than the air i breath.
GIRL: Well I'm always here for you.
BOY: I know.
GIRL: What's wrong?
BOY: I like her so much.
GIRL: Talk to her.
BOY: I don't know. She wont even like me.
GIRL: Don't say that. You're amazing.
BOY:I just want her to know how I feel.
GIRL:Then tell her.
BOY: She won't like me.
GIRL: How do you know that?
BOY: I can just tell.
GIRL: Well just tell her.
BOY: What should I say?
GIRL: Tell her how much you like her.
BOY: I tell her that daily.
GIRL: What do you mean?
BOY: I'm always with her. I love her.
GIRL: I know how you feel. I have the same problem. But he'll never like me.
BOY: Wait. Who do you like?
GIRL: Oh some boy.
BOY:Oh... She won't like me either.
GIRL: She does.
BOY: How do you know?
GIRL: Because, who wouldn't like you?
BOY: You.
GIRL: You're wrong, I love you.
BOY: I love you too.
GIRL: So are you going to talk to her?
BOY: I just did.

GIRLS- If you think this is sweet, post it to ur page.
GUYS- If u are man enough you won"t have a problem putting it in ur site.

Read this:
Girl: Do i ever cross ur mind?
Boy: No
Girl: Do you like me?
Boy: Not really
Girl: Do you want me?
Boy: No
Girl: Would you cry if I left?
Boy: No
Girl: Would you live for me?
Boy: No
Girl: Would you do anything for me?
Boy: No
Girl: Choose--me or ur life
Boy: my life
The girl runs away in shock and pain and the boy runs after her and says... The reason you never cross my mind is because you're always on my mind. The reason why I don't like you is because I love you.
The reason I don't want you is because I need you.
The reason I wouldn't cry if you left is because I would die if you left.
The reason I wouldn't live for you is because I would die for you.
The reason why I'm not willing to do anything for you is because I would do everything for you.
The reason I chose my life is because you ARE my life.

*kiss on the cheeck:were friends
*kiss on the stomack:im ready
*kiss on the forhead:i hope were together forever
*kiss on the temple:i like u
*kiss on the neck:we belong together
*kiss on the soulder:i whant u
*kiss on the lips:i love u
*playing arounded with ur hair:cant livewith out u
*holding hands:happyness
*arms around waist:u are mine i need u
*hug:i care
*smileing at each other:i like u
*looking around:hideingtrue flillings
*tender kisses on theside of the lips:ur smile
*wetting ur lips waiting for a kiss
*crys:i lost u

Same With This

A girl and a guy were speeding over 150mph on a motorcycle
Girl: Slow down im scared
Guy: No this is fun
Girl: No its not please its too scary
Guy: then tell me you love me
Girl: I love you slow down
Guy: Now give me a big hug *She gave him a big hug*
Guy: Can you take off my helmet & put it on yourself its bothering me.

In the newspaper the next day a motorcycle had crashed into a building because of break failure. Two people were on it only one survived. The truth was that halfway down the road the guy realized that the breaks were broken he didn't want the girl to know. Instead he had her hug him and tell him he loved her one last time. Then he had her put his helmet on so that she would live even if it meant that he would die. If you would do the same for the person you love copy this in your profile

When she walks away from you mad = [Follow her]
-When she stares at your lips = [Kiss her]
-When she pushes you or hits you = [Grab her and don't let go]
-When she starts cursing at you = [Kiss her and tell her you love her]
-When she's quiet = [Ask her what's wrong]
-When she ignores you = [Give her your attention]
-When she pulls away = [Pull her back]
-When you see her at her worst = [Tell her she's beautiful]
-When you see her start crying = [Just hold her and don't say a word]
-When you see her walking = [Sneak up and hug her waist from behind]
-When she's scared = [Protect her]
-When she lays her head on your shoulder = [Tilt her head up and kiss her]
-When she steals your favorite hat = [Let her keep it and sleep with it for a night]
-When she teases you = [Tease her back and make her laugh]
-When she doesn't answer for a long time = [reassure her that everything is okay]
-When she looks at you with doubt = [Back yourself up with the TRUTH]
-When she says that she loves you =[she really does more than you could understand]
-When she grabs at your hands = [Hold her's and play with her fingers]
-When she bumps into you = [bump into her back and make her laugh]
-When she tells you a secret = [keep it safe and untold]
-When she looks at you in your eyes = [don't look away until she does]
-When you break her heart = [the pain NEVER really goes away]
-When she says its over = [she STILL wants you to be hers]
- Stay on the phone with her even if she's not saying anything
-DON'T let her have the last word
-NEVER call her hot
-Pretty and beautiful is SO much better
-Say you love her more than she could ever love you
- Argue that she is the best girl ever
-When she's mad hug her tight and don't let go
-When she says she's ok don't believe it, talk with her
-Because 10 yrs later she'll remember you
-Call her at 12:00am on her birthday to tell her you love her
-Call her before you sleep and after you wake up
-Treat her like she's all that matters to you
-Tease her and let her tease you back
-Stay up all night with her when she's sick
-Watch her favorite movie with her or her favorite show even if you think its stupid
-Give her the world
-Let her wear your clothes
-When she's bored and sad, hang out with her
-Let her know she's important
(Haha,that's my biggest wish EVER!)

Fake friends: Never ask for food.
True friends: are the reasons you have no food.
Fake friends: Call your parents Mr. / Mrs.
True friends: Call your parents DAD/MOM
Fake friends: Bail you out of jail and tell you what you did was wrong.
True friends: Would sit next to you saying "Damn ... we messed up ... but that s**t was fun!"
Fake friends: never seen you cry.
True friends: cry with you
Fake friends: Borrow your stuff for a few days then give it back.
True friends: keep your s**t so long they forget its yours.
Fake friends: know a few things about you.
True friends: Could write a book about you with direct quotes from you.
Fake friends: Will leave you behind if that is what the crowd is doing.
True friends: Will kick the whole crowds a** that left you.
Fake friends: Would knock on your front door.
True friends: Walk right in and say "I'M HOME!"
Fake friends: Are for a while.
True friends: Are for life.
Fake friends: Will take your drink away when they think you've had enough.
True friends: Will look at you stumbling all over the place and say "b***h drink the rest of that you know we don't waste s**t."
Fake friends: will talk s**t to the person who talks s**t about you.
True friends: Will knock them the ******** out of em
Fake friends: Will read this.
True friends: Will steal this

If u hate child abuse; please repost this on your profile Please, Please read this and post on your profile and think about the insanity of this mother’s heart.
Her name was Aurora. Such a sweet little girl she was. She was only six, and this is what happened. Her dad died when she was born, because her mother never wanted a child…So the mother killed her father. Her mom was an addict and kept her locked in an attic so she wouldn’t have to see little Aurora. Her only friend was a little toy teddy bear it was old and worn out, and had patches of hair taped on the top of the head. She always talked to it when no one was around. She would lay there and hug it all day and night. Without a peep of sound until her mother unlocks the door. And only pain and hurting, no love, no care, nothing. She'll have to endure a broken leg, a scar on her face and much …much more. Why should she have been in such a horrible place? She grabs her bear and softly, silently cries. She loves her mother. But she wants her to die. She sits in the corner Quiet but thinking, "God, why? Why is my life always with torture? Why with pain and hurt? Why?" Such a bad life for a sad little kid she'd get beaten and bruised and cut for anything she did. Then one night Her mom came home high. The poor child was hit and slapped, as hours went by. Then her mom suddenly grabbed for a blade, It was sharp and lethal, One that she made. The mother trusted the blade right in her chest, "You deserve to die, you worthless pest!” The mom walked out leaving the girl slowly dying. The girl grabbed her bear and again started crying. Police showed up at the small little house. They quickly barged in and searched for the little girl. Everything was as quiet as a mouse as one officer slowly opened a door to find the sad little girl lying dead on the floor with her bear in her arms. It must have been bad to go through so much harm. But she died with her best and only friend with her. The horrible thing is; a child dies every day from child abuse. And if you have an ounce of pity in you for little Aurora and you hate child abuse with a passion you will repost this and help out those abused children and let them know that someone cared for them. If you don't then you should go to flipping hell, this is horrible what happened to these innocent children. It doesn't take that long to repost this, only about 10 seconds so please just do it. It’s worth it to let everyone see this and know the awful story behind it. This thing is terrible but it happens so much we can’t just ignore it! So please post this on your profile to help stop child abuse around the world! And it happens in your own town. If you don’t post this on your profile and don’t care; think about this: If you were being abused and no one posted this to support what was happening to you, how would you feel? Take that to heart. And stop the violence in the world

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