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Join me in my quest for power.

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The sounds of doom.

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Professor Cypress on 09/09/2019


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What I have seen.

You will listen to my words and feel the fear and pain rush through you as you realize, I am your new master.


Who your new master is.

I am Demitri, but you will call me Grim Deathwish. I have been here for many years now thanks to the power of the Blood Diamond, and I will stay here for many more. I seek the gems that grant the powers of the Gemstone Senshi and I will crush all who stand in my way.User Image

Join them in my glory.

Inform me.

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Professor Cypress Report | 06/15/2015 10:04 pm
Professor Cypress
GS Sailor Amphitrite Report | 05/03/2014 12:19 pm
GS Sailor Amphitrite
((Are you still active? ^.^ ))
RavishingRuby Report | 03/11/2014 11:43 pm
Hello again sir. Let me ask you this..If you (Grim) could be ANY Psychic pokemon..what pokemon would you be? hmmmm?

~User Image~
RavishingRuby Report | 03/09/2014 6:31 pm
*waves* Hi Kerry

~User Image~
TS Sailor Cronus Report | 01/21/2014 2:47 pm
TS Sailor Cronus
can we go now? I fyou need an explanation, read my status. crying
TS Sailor Cronus Report | 01/15/2014 2:13 pm
TS Sailor Cronus
Just Raven.
TS Sailor Cronus Report | 01/15/2014 2:07 pm
TS Sailor Cronus
Lol, when's the last time you were in the crew forum?
TS Sailor Cronus Report | 01/15/2014 1:59 pm
TS Sailor Cronus
Hi. You going to be in the guild?
TS Sailor Cronus Report | 01/14/2014 9:37 am
TS Sailor Cronus
HELLOOO??? DID YOU READ MY OTHER COMMENTS? GET OVER HERE!!! crying crying crying crying
TS Sailor Cronus Report | 01/14/2014 9:35 am
TS Sailor Cronus
MEOW?? crying
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