Niggas be hatin on me like a mufuggah son, you feel me? And i dont be even really understandin' why like George washington tryna save the world; george washington be tryna ride his horse; i just be tryna to get this paper, you feel me? I just tryna collect whats mine you feel me? But niggas be plottin against me. they be plottin my demise and s**t cause im the commander in chief and i got all the stripes and all the bitches, and i know im rantin right now but... um...yeah.
man i cant even trust these bitches, man. george washington cant trust these bitches, man. i dont even be ******** these bitches no more cause they be fallin in love with me, they be fallin in love with me man like i just be with that. ***** you feel me and these hos be going crazy but george washington got trifold hats anyways tho.