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A little something from Idera.

Like What You See?

If you like what you see and want to request some avi art or any kind of art for that matter just PM me the details and I'll make some magic happen.

Few things you need to know:

300k for the initial avi drawing. Any style of your choice. Take a screenshot of what you want drawn and I'll make it happen.

A scene up to two avi's or two characters would be 600k. Any additional will be 100k added on.

Make the request first, pay for the art once it's done. ^^

If you like what you see on my page and like other art, check out my DeviantArt page for more:


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THE GreatestSaiyaman

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Birthday: 12/05

How Bout Some Mood Music?

Lil' Something Bout Myself

Well what can I say that some others may not know?

Well I'm known as GreatestSaiyaman. Some people call me Greatest, and I do appreciate that very much. whee

But you can just call me Saiya for short.

I like to draw and hoping to become a better artist and animator. Some projects have gone on the wayside because of my work ethic outside of my art, 'cause I gotta pay the rent with something right? So I try to catch myself trying to draw something every now and then... hopefully something will punch me into the grove to get back into my art. It's been a crazy ride for this artist, and I may show off some of my good here for people to see and comment.

What? My usual hangouts?

Well I'm usually hanging out around the Rally or in Hollywood from time to time. It's a jump from either or. I'm just usually chillin' at my place in towns or going on epic quests on ZOMG! If you wanna join in, join up, or just want to hang, just drop me a line and we will hang when I have some time.

Hmm? You wanna friend me?

Well go right ahead. I accept any and all friends requests. There's nothing wrong with getting new friends. You can accept me so we can chat and go on epic adventures on ZOMG. But I have a few grips about the friends that I am so willing to accept.

You gotta be yourself, don't act like a totally different person on here that you would in real life (or irl for those who are used to net lingo). Don't be a fake gansta here when all you are is pretty much a guy who think a gangster is one of the lost Mouseketeers who didn't make it. That annoys me to no end.

Don't beg as soon as you friend me. Another of my pet peeves. If I want to give you a gift I will be generous enough to check out your profile and see what you want. Then I can get it for you on your birthday, or just because it's Friday, who knows. I'm that kind of guy. True story here, a guy added me on as a friend, I accepted and we were cool for a while. Then he had to squeeze in the question if I want to donate, or "give him", the headphones I had on my head. RIGHT... ON... MY...HEAD. Yea... majorly annoying. I hate beggars who don't want to work towards getting something themselves. There are plenty of other methods of obtaining what you want instead of bothering other people who worked hard for their goods. Hell I had to pull a few all nighters on ZOMG to get one sword... just one!


If the first or second sentence you ever say to me is "Can you donate?" or something of the like...THEN STAY AWAY FROM ME!!!!!

Please don't be offended, these are just my peeves. If you are offended, there's nothing I can do. talk2hand

Just stay cool and we will be frosty! cool

I can do it all, I can RP like the rest of em, I can even draw up some good art and at your request I can draw up something nice.

Ya just gotta wait on that cause I don't have a scanner at the ready at all times. sweatdrop

But yea this is me for now. Love me or hate me, take me or leave me, this is me.

No matter what I love you all and have yourself an awesome day.
xd Thanks for visiting! wink


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SinShadoe Report | 05/29/2016 4:02 am
Hey dude! looks like you don't do gaia now days. Just wanted to leave you a message and tell you that you have always been a great friend and a cool dudsky.
This is Belinda in case you don't remember.
Take care and stay frosty.
Dark She-Bat Report | 07/19/2014 11:53 am
heart hi chocolate chip cookie long time no see glad you are back heart
Belinda Aster Report | 07/04/2014 12:39 am
YAY! MOE! we are doing great! Long time no see my Friend! heart
Oatk Report | 02/11/2014 8:25 am
Hello GreatestSaiyaman~
RandiHoney Report | 07/06/2013 4:01 pm
The 'pay' never covers the bullshit sweet man. the owners have designed it that way.
Btw way Maurice hon? a lot of your drawing on your profile are invisible.
Just thought id say something.
Dark She-Bat Report | 06/24/2013 12:42 pm
heart hey chocolate cookie how are you doing i'm at work so I will talk to you later heart
ShiningLegacy Report | 06/11/2013 6:43 am
Woot woot cat_rofl
ShiningLegacy Report | 06/07/2013 7:42 pm
http://shadilverlegacy.deviantart.com/ cat_xp
Valrora Wyngaard Report | 05/08/2013 3:35 pm
I'm glad to be back, thanks ^ ^
Dark She-Bat Report | 04/25/2013 2:12 pm
heart hi stranger how have you been? what kind of old stuff?
The Amazing sro black
Dark She-Bat
Belinda Aster
heartless lucie

I'm GREAT for a reason! Wanna find out?!

This man is the face behind this digital mask. Don't stare too hard ladies. ;)

Here is a few examples of what I can do. If you like a drawing or a scene, let me know and I'll make some magic happen.

The Greatest Troll of the Week