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Registered: 04/25/2010

Gender: Male

Location: Germany

Birthday: 09/15

Occupation: Digital & Tattoo Art

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Crossroads [A7X]


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Animated Sprite by Moenkin
Headshot Icon by Me
Background by Me
Satanic Pixels by Me
Character(Addison) © Me

Please don't use any of my art featured on my profile, it's just for myself, thanks!

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[Artwork/Character © GreaserDemon(Me)]


Rory-Addison | Male ♂ | 90's Kid | Goth | Metalhead | Twink
[Norse Pagan & Satanist] [GMT +1 (CET)] [English & Deutsch]

- SoCal American but living in Germany
- I do Digital Art as Freelance and I'm an aspiring Tattoo Artist
- RP-er, gamer, wannabe musician [re-learning E-guitar and piano]
- I've been on Gaia since 2008 back in the emo/scene days
now I'm just a tired old goth, I moved accounts though.

- I don't do gold/plati commissions, only real money commissions
however, I may offer artwork for specific items, check my wishlist!

- If I take a long time to respond I am either working (on or offline), gaming or I forgot! I am extremely forgetful and easily distracted so please remind me if I take like a month to get back to you, could be I forgot to respond or missed the message.
I also struggle with psychological issues sometimes which may effect my emotions and pace at getting things done, it's no excuse for my actions of course but I thought id give you all a heads up

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Add me on discord as I am very active on there
and can get back to you quicker! (GreaserDemon#0570)


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DeviantART | Furaffinity | Weasyl | Tumblr | Instagram | Twitter | Discord: GreaserDemon#0570

(Please tell me your user on Gaia when you add me on discord! I also prefer writing rpgs on discord since I use discord daily, so I won't miss posts so easily)

Commission website: GreaserDemon.wordpress

Read my TOS before commissioning me!
My artwork is strictly for personal use only,
NOT commercial use!

Bats are my world ♥

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