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"Humans need fantasy to be truly human. To be the place where the falling angel meets the rising ape."

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Occupations: Philosopher, Dressage Rider, Occasional Ballroom Dancer, Part-Time Baker, Historian, Writer, Romantic Devil & Roleplaying Mistress
Languages Understood: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish & Latin
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Heritage: German/Swiss
Homestead: USA
Age: 28

What I'm Listening To: Visit My last.fm
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Currently Reading: the inscriptions written on your heart...
Recently Watched: Assassin's Creed
Activities: Preparing For Law School & Writing A Novel

Here on Gaia I'm a literate chatting, music loving, CB haunting gold hoarder. On the rare occasion that someone really takes the time to get to know me we might become fast friends. Many people have said I'm an interesting person, enigmatic even, so don't be afraid to leave me a random Comment or send a PM just for the fun of it. I adore meeting new people and Gaia is the best place in the world for discovering the world's most intriguing and delightful strangers just waiting to be met.

I am a classically trained student working on a venture into Law School, along with a fantasy novel being written in my spare time. I'm an advanced Roleplayer and I love every second I've spent conjuring other worlds and the voices of characters that are, in many ways, different parts of myself. These elusive beings are all drawn out from the shadowy corners of my mind with the promise of adventure and possibly a cookie XD Most of my time online is spent writing for my favorite roleplays on other sites or for my own books that I hope will be published one day. I don't roleplay on Gaia because it moves too fast for my taste. I am an obsessive seeker of perfection in my roleplaying and speed does not aid my meticulous style, but if you want to share a few hours of your day roleplaying with me or discussing and sharing stacks of literature feel free to send me a PM filled with your thoughts, I'm always ready to listen...

My musical tastebuds can range from the Opera's of Verdi to the indie rhythms of a guitar or the roars of a metal band. I love music in all its forms. The lyrics or melody of a song just have to touch my heart and I treasure every note no matter what order they are in. Almost every day I add new music to my collection of albums, so I'm always happy to learn of new music from around the world and in any language. If you want to share a song with me just send a PM, or if you want to find out about some of my favorite bands you can visit my last.fm page. Come on, lets chat about music, melodies, soundtracks, bands, solo artists, classical scores and operas!

MOVIES!!!, Television!! & Vintage Celluloid! OH MY! I adore film of any and all genres! Old and New. From Romantic Fantasies to Scifi Thrillers. Some may say I am a film and theater addict O.o PM me about your favorite movie or TV Show or ask me about one and you'll see why I can give myself the title of a film fanatic. I would list my favorite books, music and movies here, but I would quickly run out of room and you would all go blind MwhahahaHA! *happy dance*

Have a wonderful day and may your hearts be filled with the warm and happy feeling you get when you take a sip of tea on a cool autumn afternoon *hugs* ^_^

Here's a list of the lucky darlings, from the past and present, who've been my closest friends here on Gaia:
W.i.t.c.h.y is My Sister In Real Life, Rawr!
II Odin II is my favorite warrior, Gaia is special because of him.
Suireban, my poet and literate letter master! <3
Wormzy is AWESOME and gave me 31 Respect Points! O.o
The Sexiest Hobo Around is my oldest friend on Gaia!! *hugs*
Con Vallian The Venerable, I luv to stalk you...

"And so the world turned and turned again. The rain fell on the just and unjust alike. Men and women were cut down like wheat to be born again strong"

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A Fantastic Work of Art by Peroxide Swing! Thank you dahling!

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Avi Art of my sister (W.i.t.c.h.y) & Me wink
Thank you Kichigai-Neko!

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in honor of all my furry children... I Love You.